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The origin of crop circles further explained

The crop circle phenomenon raises many questions. How do they arise? Who or what makes them? What is their message? Below I briefly explain what happens to me just before and during the manifestation of a circle (formation).

The earth has a nervous system, a network of energy pathways or lines that for most people is invisible. At various places in that network, there is a mount point, a kind of funnel where cosmic energy goes into the earth. It actually functions the same way just like a magnet attracts metal. By an interaction between cosmic and earthly energy, crop circles and symbols are created. The energy lines of the Earth are heavily polluted and clogged with by men caused negative energy (by means of for example environmental pollution and wars), and therefore need a “vessel treatment”. During the cleaning, initially a crop circle arises on the mount point. Then, a loving energy is added, which is meant for all living beings. The symbols that appear are signs for our subconscious mind, a key to wisdom for  our spiritual development. After the cleaning of the network, the circles remain and can be visited by the people who thereby heal or strengthen their energy fields. After visiting a crop circle you often get an insight into life issues. The energy of the crop circles also affects the consciousness of the people in their own environment, but each person decides for themselves what he or she does with that energy.

Since my fifteenth year I can feel where and when a crop circle will be created. It always starts with the same kind of presentiment, often a week in advance. That feeling is best described as happy and loving. As it grows stronger, I get visions of the environment where the crop circle (or circle formation) will develop, sometimes even street names. It may also happen that I am shown how the formation will look like. In that case I make an instant sketch that often appears to strongly match reality. Often just after midnight, the feeling gets so strong that I must go, and I then always call a good friend of mine who goes with me. As we get into the car, I know exactly where we must go. It is an inner knowing, I am as it were guided to it. When I arrive at the place the circle often already is there, but occasionally I can see them being created. For several times I have seen spheres of light (also known as balls of light (BOL), or orbs) when a formation appeared. Moreover, I along with Nancy Talbott (from BLT research team inc.) who has done a good 15 years of scientific research into me and the crop circle phenomenon, filmed these luminous spheres. Just as a good friend of mine, Nancy has been a witness twice to the emergence of a circle formation, together with me.


Explanation map

Throughout his life, Robbert has observed an enormous amount of crop circles. It is intended that on this page in the future all formations will be archived for more insight into these formations. Below you will now find the complete list from 2007 on.

You can view the observations both through the map as well as the alphabetical overview that is listed below. In addition, there is also the option via the menu below to choose a selection per year.


Explanation map
Throughout his life, Robbert has observed an enormous amount of crop circles. It is intended that on this page, all formations will be archived for more insight into these formations. Below you will now find the complete list from 2007 on. You can view the observations both through the map as well as the alphabetical overview that is listed below. In addition, there is also the option via the menu below to choose a selection per year.
10th Formation 2015
Observed on: 10 September 2015

After Robbert had given a reading/healing-evening in Breda, he told Roy on the way home that he felt very restless and suspected that something was about to happen. Suddenly he saw an image in his mind of a flower field with a pictograph/icon in it. Very clearly he saw a ring with a circle in its center, as well as a large spiral that was attached to the ring. As they came closer to home, Robbert also knew the location of the field in question – last year a circle had emerged in the same area. Arrived at that location, they indeed found a flower field (mustard plants). When they got out of the car, they saw a brief flash in the center of the field. This flash seemed to come from the ground. Then, a kind of luminous mist hung just above the field, but disappeared rather quickly. They entered the field and stumbled upon tractor tracks, making it easier for them to get to the center of the plot. There, they found the exact icon Robbert had described in the car. They both could feel the energy very well.

It is possible Robbert may receive a message as well, associated with this formation. If that is the case, we'll of course add it on this page.

The farmer has been approached and fortunately gave permission to take photos, but he made it very clear not to allow any visitors on his land otherwise. Therefore we will not reveal the location of this formation. We hope you'll understand. 


Michel Koenders, the drone pilot responsible for the beautiful aerial shots, had something special to share with us. He said the following: “It was striking that as soon as I got near the formation, I often lost contact and/or video feedback and communication with the drone. I have never experienced this before. I flew towards it and just as I reached the edge of the circle, I lost everything, several times..”

Ronald Sikking, who also makes aerial shots of the formations around Robbert, has had these experiences several times as well.



9th Formation 2015
Observed on: 31 July 2015

On the night of Thursday to Friday, July 30-31, Robbert suddenly got a restless feeling followed by a very clear vision of the special tree that stands on the dike/embankment close to the Ankh-formation. He then saw how a golden disc descended into a cornfield that is located right behind the tree and knew a crop circle had been formed that same moment. In his mind's eye, he also noticed a kind of sickle under the circle. He had the idea that this symbol could be found somewhere in ancient Egypt. What it was supposed to mean he wasn't aware of yet.

He asked Roy, who was with Robbert at the time, if he was willing to drive the two of them to the Palingstraat in Hoeven, where this tree could be found.

Once there, Robbert instantly felt the presence of something huge. It felt loving, old and very wise.  

They proceeded via the embankment and walked towards the special tree. As they were getting close, it became immediately apparent that something had indeed appeared in the field. It was clearly visible due to the full moon that night.

The next day Roy returned to take pictures and got in touch with the land owner. The owner has opened his land to the public.

In addition Roy indeed found an Egyptian illustration where a god-like being can be seen with the same kind of symbol on its head as is depicted in the field.

Should Robbert receive a deeper, more extensive message related to this formation, we will present it here, in the crop circle archive.

[ Note: The aforementioned 'special tree', that is its antenna-like function in relation to the Ankh-formation, and its significant ability to charge water with healing energy because of that,  Robbert discusses in a video that was previously uploaded, unfortunately in Dutch only. In it, Robbert also speaks of a connection, a line between the Ankh formation and an entity he describes as 'the great guardian', or 'the great master', that also watches over the great pyramid of Giza – a supreme entity which in his mind he can see standing with its arms stretched, like the Ankh symbol. In addition, however, he mentions a 'circle of guardians' that are known as the 'White Brotherhood'. He can sense them as a projection above the Ankh formation, as well as a connection in relation to this with the great pyramid. ]


Update August 05 2015 :


During a visit to this formation yesterday, Robbert received the following message:

Both formations (8th and 9th) are strongly connected with each other through the 'special tree'  that stands on the embankment in between. The tree functions as an antenna to other solar systems with regard to this formation as well.

This circle is mainly connected with the sun, with its cosmic over-soul, and with the moon. In the time coming, a high amount of 'consciousness-codes' will be sent to earth via the moon, which will affect the collective consciousness of the people in a positive way. So it is very good to connect with the moon when you're inside this circle, but also with the sun. It will very much bring together our male and female aspects, with the collective consciousness shifting more towards the female-side, towards intuition, as a consequence.

Through the tree, UFO-like objects are present. Shapes that resemble Merkabas arise from the tree and surround it. When one attempts to connect with these, the tree will also respond and its aura will grow larger. The tree is very happy and grateful towards all people who came to see it. The soul of the tree, and the groups that surround it - as it is a meeting place for multiple forms of consciousness - thank the people for the honor they brought to the tree, and for the recognition. The tree is very happy that it is now being recognized [for its role in the event].

The two formations bring about a re-activation of many ley lines in this area, but also of the ley lines that connect to the pyramids in Egypt, as well as those connected to Stonehenge. There is thus a kind of connection taking place beyond time and space, which has a positive impact on the entire world.

Right now the moon is being used as a kind of transmitter to send new vibrations, new frequencies to Earth. These will directly affect both people and animals, in that the animal kingdom will increasingly mingle with the human kingdom. As a result, people will treat animals more friendly, and different animal species will become more associated with one another (as already was mentioned/came through during this year's Good Friday message).

There is clearly a stargate present in this circle. It may well be that people suddenly see angelic figures, or extraterrestrials. These can have various shapes and sizes. This stargate also acts as a kind of time portal. It may be that people meet with the past, but also with the future. People may meet themselves as they are in a future incarnation. This may sound unusual, but it is really possible. People can have very peculiar experiences in the circle. Seeing yourself the way you are in a past life is possible as well. Once again a strong regression effect therefore, just like this year's 6th formation.

The energy in this formation is very 'golden'. It is a female circle, guarded also by a female personality. There is a strong association with Isis (the goddess), and with Sirius (the star). And also literally with the intelligences that life on a planet near Sirius.

Very old travelers, once called gods by our ancestors, who visited our planet in certain spaceships,  also are present at this formation. Erich von Däniken discussed these visitors in his books.

The circle is profoundly healing and has a beautiful energy. There are many nature spirits present (that mainly come from the bushes farther down the embankment). They co-operate enthusiastically with this process.


Nice anecdote : what many people do not know is that this field, which now holds this crop circle, is the same field where in 1996 Robbert saw a formation come into existence for the first time. He talks about this in his lectures. This proved to be the beginning of a new era, because in the years that followed, there were always dozens of formations in his immediate vicinity. Now we're talking about more than 200 formations that seem to have a direct connection with Robbert.


8th Formation 2015
Observed on: 15 July 2015

For a week already Robbert had the feeling that a new formation would appear, once again. In relation to this, his thoughts initially went to the field where earlier this year the Ankh symbol had come into existence. He had the feeling that it wasn't completely done yet. Not in the least because he already had seen the OM (or AUM) symbol before him in his mind, back then.

On the night of July 14 to 15, this feeling became very strong, when suddenly he saw an image in his mind of a large ring made up of numerous circles, as well as, again, an image of the OM symbol. It was then that he knew for certain a new formation was going to emerge and decided to head for the polders [fields]. First he went to the field at the 'Palingstraat' where the Ankh symbol had appeared. Once there, however, his attention was suddenly drawn to a different area.

It must have been shortly after midnight when he arrived at a field where previously no crop circles had emerged, as far as the phenomenon around Robbert is concerned. From the road, nothing could be seen. Robbert let himself be guided by his inner senses and a few minutes later, standing somewhere in the middle of the field, he discovered an enormous ring composed of circles that were all attached to one another. In total, there are as much as 30 circles, with a diameter ranging from 1.5 to 5.5 meter (5 to 18 feet).

Near the ring, the OM symbol appeared to be lying in the field as well.

The following day, pictures were taken and contact was made with the farmer. Sadly, he appeared to be quite unhappy with the situation and wishes to see NO ONE (!) on his property anymore. He made that very clear. As a consequence, this beautiful formation will remain unaccessible for people to visit. This is also the reason for not releasing its location. Luckily we still have the photos and Robbert feels very clearly that just looking at these will have a certain effect on the subconscious mind as well.

Robbert feels that on the night this formation was created, the Ankh-formation was recharged, too. Once again, people may take apples and bottled water to the Ankh. These are then charged, after which apples will become engraved again.

With respect to the formation at hand, Robbert additionally received the information that the OM symbol stands for the first sound that God (or however you wish to name it) brought forth in the universe. The OM symbol also stands for the eternal life that goes above and beyond the physical universe. It is very good to meditate on the photos of this formation.


7th Formation 2015
Observed on: 04 July 2015

A few days before this formation appeared, Robbert already told people around him that he constantly had to think of the Ankh symbol. Time and time again he saw it before him with his mind's eye. He also informed Nancy Talbott (of BLT-research) about this.

After he returned from a lecture he gave on July 3rd, a restless but happy feeling caught him by surprise the moment he arrived home, accompanied by, again, a clear vision of the Ankh symbol in his mind. He then knew that this symbol would appear in a wheat field, but the exact location was still unclear. That night it was sweltering hot and he decided to freshen himself up first. It must have been around 1:00 am when suddenly he had an intuitive feeling telling him to go to the Palingstraat [street] in Hoeven. In his mind he was drawn to a field where circles already had appeared in the past.

Not long afterwards, Robbert together with Roy (who stayed because of Robbert's 'restlessness') arrived at the appropriate field. From the road, nothing could be seen, so they used the sprayer tracks to walk into the field. Robbert let himself be guided by his intuition. First they found two circles in the field, but Robbert knew there had to be more. They proceeded through the sprayer tracks and after about 40m (130ft) they stood inside a beautiful, large Ankh symbol.

The next day, Roy went back to take pictures. This is where he met the farmer, Fons Lauwerrijsen (see photos), a very friendly farmer who is more than willing to open his land to the public. He installed a money box, so let's reward his hospitality.

Robbert still expects a message linked to this beautiful 'formation'. Once this is realized, this article will of course be updated. 


6th Formation 2015
Observed on: 15 June 2015

This beautiful formation as well was sensed by Robbert several days prior to its appearance. He knew that this time it was going to be a large formation that presumably would fall in grain. Sunday evening (June 14), the feeling became so strong that he decided to ask Roy to come over. Right before they left for the polders [fields], Robbert drew a sketch and showed it to Nancy Talbott via Skype. They had to go towards Zevenbergen, Robbert felt that very clearly. Through his inner senses, he also was given a street name: Merenswegje.

Once there, both Robbert and Roy felt an indisputable presence – 'something' hung above the field, it just wasn't visible with the naked eye.

They had to walk quite a distance into the field before they stood inside this giant formation. Once again, the sketch Robbert had drawn proved to be very similar to what they found in the field. The largest circle has a diameter of no less than 25m (82ft)! The grain is still relatively young and therefore probably wasn't flattened completely. In some places it comes back up again, which, visually speaking, gives a special effect to this formation.

It turns out, by the way, that more and more people experience the known restless feeling prior to the appearance of circles. We get an increasing amount of emails about this. One such email we received from Cindy, who lives in Soest. Two days before this circle appeared she made a small sketch of something that she spontaneously got through as 'the shape of a formation that would soon appear'. There are some striking similarities when looking at the circles of the formation. Robbert found this so special that he would like to share it with you (her sketch can be seen among the other photos).

The land is owned by Mrs De Lint and Albert van Damme. Their company 'Meerenzigt' is also located at the Merenswegje. For them, it is the first time a crop circle has fallen on their property. They are so sweet to open their land to the public. From tomorrow afternoon (June 16), people may visit the formation.

Be aware that the Merenswegje is a narrow country road. The field in question luckily has a wide driveway where several cars can park. Make sure other (through-) traffic is not affected by parked cars. Once again, give generously (donation box), because it concerns a large formation that did a fair amount of damage to the crop. This way we stimulate other farmers should a formation appear on their land.


UP-DATE, 26 June

Robbert was granted to receive the following message linked to this formation:

The large circle symbolizes the Divine. God draws, as it were, all planets of the universe towards itself. This connects this crop circle formation to a large extent with the God consciousness....

People also become connected among one another. This formation connects with the collective consciousness.

There is an Arcturian influence in these circles. The harmonious, musical energy of Arcturus is connected to this formation. There is an influence from there, from the soul groups that live on the planets of that star [solar] system. Very harmonious, very cheerful, very good. Not negative in any way, but intense nonetheless.

The formation behaves very transformational and provides energy on a constant basis. It is, however, very much an 'all or nothing' circle: you either get very tired, or gain a lot of energy from it. This will be different for everyone.

The formation also connects with the center of the earth, with Earth's deepest core. As a result, people will become stronger and more confident, which actually makes them even better suited to integrate the spiritual into this material world. This is to make people spiritually stronger.

Many people will tend to lie down in the formation, because it also makes you profoundly massive. The formation is very cosmic, but also very massive.

Sometimes, the circle will be turned on, as it were, and then turned off again. As if it concerns some kind of engine. People may experience this accordingly, the fact that it suddenly starts to rotate.

When stepping into the formation, people may feel they are entering a different kind of dimension, as if everything around them suddenly becomes wider and the environment is changed.

It is possible to experience a kind of timelessness in this formation.

The formation is highly therapeutic and strong on regression level. This means people might relive things of the past. Things from a past life can suddenly come to the fore, whereby people will instantly remember who they were or why they have a complaint in this life. They may come to realize that the cause lies in a previous existence on earth, for instance.

There are also UFOs present, certain ships. The influence of Arcturus is very clear with respect to this. Certain creatures and intelligences are present in the formations. They help people, are good for them and take away some of their ballast.

The circle is very strong, very powerful. Even people who do not believe in the authenticity of the phenomenon could get an experience in there. 

Once again, apples can be brought to put in this formation. But, as was already announced with the first formation of this year, people can also bring aluminum foil to put pieces the size of an A4 paper or smaller in the circle. The aluminum will instantly be charged with healing energy. This charged aluminum foil can be put on sores. Actually, this is the same idea as aluminum foil put under a pyramid. In the circle, the aluminum foil will be charged to a higher degree than under a pyramid.

No matter what people pursue or desire here on earth, eventually it will leave them unsatisfied. Ultimately, only God will provide real satisfaction, real happiness. But this can only happen if people allow it to enter their lives. Because then God will have more 'breathing room'.

It is good to meditate on the photos of this formation.

5th Formation 2015
Observed on: 04 June 2015

Already a number of days Robbert felt restless and therefore had a strong suspicion that a formation would arise again soon. His feeling proved correct, because on the night of June 3-4, he discovered this formation in a grass field near Zevenbergen.

When Robbert walked into the field, he felt an old, somewhat heavy energy. Once inside the formation, he at one point became aware of a man, thereby strongly feeling a connection with the Second World War.

Robbert feels that the effect of this formation is of a transforming nature, especially with respect to its surroundings – there is a sort of purification taking place in and around the area where this formation is located.

The landowner has been traced, but regrettably will not open his land to the public.

(It is not a foregone conclusion that a farmer opens his land to the public. Let us respect this farmer's choice. We will therefore not report on the location of this formation. We hope you'll understand.)

4th Formation 2015
Observed on: 19 May 2015

How this formation plus another were sensed beforehand and discovered by Robbert the same evening, you can read at: the 3th Formation 2015

...... On arrival at Seppe Robbert knew exactly which field the formation should lie in. To enter the field, they first had to go down an embankment for a couple of meters. It was pretty dark, partly due to a row of trees along the field. They decided to enter the field by heading right along the edge of the plot. In some places the grass reached as high as their hips. After about 100m (330ft) they stood before a considerably sized formation, which consisted of a large ellipse with a circle attached to it. Just as with the previous formation, here too Robbert clearly felt the immense presence of God.  

That same evening, he also received a message:

Robbert felt that the large ellipse which tapers towards the smaller circle actually represents God in its majesty who wants to embrace little planet earth with its tremendous love and merge with all living creatures on the globe.

Robbert felt this to be very emotional, it seemed as if God felt isolated and realized that it is way too large to fill the human race with its presence in one go. The up until now unbridgeable was palpable. God, on this occasion, made itself as small as expressing itself in a circle formation, enabling itself to safely take care of people who really want this, but, in this formation God also asks people to be taken care of by them a little as well and to get help in becoming a reality in the hearts of more and more people. God is undertaking this action now, because we're engaged in an important spiritual, evolutionary process - we are going from an average human consciousness to a divine consciousness, wherein God feels more known and loved, and wherein the people and the animals acknowledge God more within themselves, leading to a more favorable condition and maturity to remain in eternity (later on, after death).


We've been able to trace the farmer who appeared to be willing to open his land to the public. If you want to visit the formation, you need to enter by following the red/white ribbon. If a money box is present you can deposit a contribution to thank the farmer for opening up his land and to compensate for possible damage to his crop.   


3rd Formation 2015
Observed on: 19 May 2015

Already for a few days, Robbert experienced the well-known troubled feeling and knew that something special was about to happen again soon. On the night of May 18 to 19 this feeling became very strong. At the same time he suddenly knew that it wouldn't be about one formation alone, but several. Very clearly the name A-B road was communicated to him, but simultaneously he had a vision of Seppe Airport as well.

Fortunately, Roy was with him and Robbert felt they had to go to the A-B road first. With his mind's eye he saw the field before him where already in 2011 several circles had appeared also. Arrived at the site, which is formally owned by the Forestry Commission, they stood at the edge and looked across the field. Suddenly they saw a flash above the field and Robbert knew that a circle was being formed that moment.

A little farther into the field there now seemed to hang a kind of misty cloud and Robbert and Roy walked in that direction. They had to pay attention on how to proceed because they knew there were ditches in the field. Arrived at the spot they found a relatively small formation, consisting of a single circle with a ring of about the same size attached to it. Despite the size, Robbert clearly felt the immense presence of God at this formation.

They only stayed for a brief moment. After all, Robbert knew that it wasn't done yet, that evening, so they now headed for Seppe (Bosschenhoofd). And again Robbert knew which field was involved. It already caught his attention a few days ago and he just knew they had to go there. It concerned a grass field situated just outside the grounds of Seppe Airport, in line with the runway.

Read on at: the 4th Formation 2015

Note: As told, this plot is owned by the Forestry Commission. Officially one should stay on the trails. Entering this field, therefore, is at your own risk.

2nd Formation 2015
Observed on: 07 May 2015

On the evening of May 6th, Robbert got that restless feeling he knows so well whenever something is about to happen. So this time it was the night before his birthday. Coincidently, the thought had crossed his mind that it would be nice if a formation would arise on his birthday again. After all, this already happened once, years ago. The restless feeling became so strong that he decided to call his friend Roy who often drives him when it is late in the evening.

In the meantime Robbert already had gotten an image in his mind of how the formation would probably look like, a sketch of which he showed to Nancy Talbott via Skype while he waited for Roy. Roy arrived around eleven o'clock. At that moment Robbert had no exact notion of where they had to go. Shortly before midnight he suddenly knew: they had to go to the same field as where the  first formation of this year had emerged - he saw it before him very clearly.

They arrived at the location just after midnight. In his vision Robbert had seen that the formation was located a whole lot farther into the field (compared to the first one). They walked to the right and along the edge of the field and after about 100m (35ft) they saw, in the glow of the moon, the familiar 'dents' lying in the field. It turned out to be a huge formation. They both felt that they were being watched, as if they were kept an eye on. But it was not an unpleasant feeling, instead it felt very nice and welcome.

Robbert felt a notably cosmic energy.

The next day Roy went back to take pictures. The farmer has been notified again as well. He finds it no problem when people visit this latest formation. It is important however that people walk along the edge of the field. Therefore a red/white ribbon will be placed to indicate where to walk. Should people not comply, the farmer will close his land to the public!

During the night of May 7-8, Robbert received the message associated with this formation.

The message is that this circle formation, especially the rear larger circle (which contains a smaller circle), serves as a kind of elevator to other solar systems - certain extraterrestrials are actually present inside those rear circles. People may feel that they are being touched. The entire formation depicts an existing solar system where certain extraterrestrials reside that send us a greeting. It is a solar system that has two suns. This circle formation accommodates a time portal, because of which certain people suddenly may feel as if they are present in another solar system.

The formation is very emotionally charged and has a healing effect. However, people with pacemakers should avoid visiting the rear largest circle (containing the small one), because there are varying magnetic fields that sometimes can be very intense before pulling away again. Normally, crop circle formations, including this one, are safe for body and mind and not harmful in any way, they are positive and healing. Only with this formation and in particular inside the rear circle, people with a pacemaker have to be careful.

This formation is very positive and cosmic and works very comforting as well

1th Formation 2015
Observed on: 28 April 2015

Compared to last year it has taken a while, but it finally happened... the first formation of 2015 is 'born'. For quite a while Robbert experienced the well-known troubled feeling and knew it could not be long before another circle would arise in his vicinity. During the Symposium 'Crop Circles, 20 years on' on April 25th, he already told some people they wouldn't have to wait much longer.

When on Tuesday evening April 28th Robbert stepped in the car after a lecture he had given in Spiritual Center Zuiderlicht in Breda, he immediately felt something was about to happen that same evening. He knew they had to go to the fields near Hoeven and also [telepathically] received a street name. At the same time he also saw a spiral shape surrounded by small circles before him.  

When after almost half an hour they arrived in the area, they soon found the formation. It appeared to be situated in a large grass field and had a total length of about 25m (82ft). Strikingly, in one of the circles a mustard seed plant still stood upright (see photos).

Robbert feels that this formation has a positive effect on the heart chakra and that the circles are very healing.

This formation is open to the public.

Robbert gratefully received the following message associated with this formation:

The spiral, which runs all the way to the middle, means that the formation may touch people in the depths of their being, and that the God consciousness of the formation will allow people to live more from their essence. The circles around the spiral and the ones forming the row towards it, indicate that the fraternization with extraterrestrials (i.e., inhabitants of other planets in other star systems) will get more harmonious, and that we, from the essence of our being, will be able to contact extraterrestrial consciousness forms with less effort. Something that is only possible through the heart and true love.

The spiral shape is essential, both at a soul level as well as with respect to the laws of nature. The universe is littered with spiral galaxies in which everything turns to the core. Also on a smaller scale, on our little planet, we see spiral shapes on a regular basis. Observing the crown of most people, you'll notice that even our hair spirals inwards there, as it marks the spot where a lot of cosmic energy enters the human being. 

The spiral circle formation also represents the cycle of the soul, destined to arrive at the core: the eternal life that awaits us in the land of God.

Robbert additionally received the information that in the coming crop circle season people may bring aluminum foil, to lay pieces the size of a magazine page or smaller in the circles. The aluminum will instantly charge itself with healing energy. This charged aluminum foil can be placed on sore spots. It is actually similar to placing aluminum foil under a pyramid, the difference being the aluminum in the circle becoming charged more strongly. Later in the summer, apples may be put in the circles again as well.

It is beneficial to meditate on the image of this formation.

Vorige Blz