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Rules when visiting Cropcircles

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the 'rules' that are associated with entering a crop circle formation. This to avoid potential irritation from the owners of the fields.
  • First we need to respect the crop and the land before setting foot on the field.
  • Avoid any damage to the crop and the land.
  • Please leave no waste, cigarette butts or other things behind.
  • Walk when possible in tractor tracks and inside the formation. Do not make new tracks.
  • Keep the formation intact. More people will want to see it as such.
  • Sometimes a farmer places an offertory box for a voluntary contribution. Please consider a donation.

7th Formation 2015


A few days before this formation appeared, Robbert already told people around him that he constantly had to think of the Ankh symbol. Time and time again he saw it before him with his mind's eye. He also informed Nancy Talbott (of BLT-research) about this.

After he returned from a lecture he gave on July 3rd, a restless but happy feeling caught him by surprise the moment he arrived home, accompanied by, again, a clear vision of the Ankh symbol in his mind. He then knew that this symbol would appear in a wheat field, but the exact location was still unclear. That night it was sweltering hot and he decided to freshen himself up first. It must have been around 1:00 am when suddenly he had an intuitive feeling telling him to go to the Palingstraat [street] in Hoeven. In his mind he was drawn to a field where circles already had appeared in the past.

Not long afterwards, Robbert together with Roy (who stayed because of Robbert's 'restlessness') arrived at the appropriate field. From the road, nothing could be seen, so they used the sprayer tracks to walk into the field. Robbert let himself be guided by his intuition. First they found two circles in the field, but Robbert knew there had to be more. They proceeded through the sprayer tracks and after about 40m (130ft) they stood inside a beautiful, large Ankh symbol.

The next day, Roy went back to take pictures. This is where he met the farmer, Fons Lauwerrijsen (see photos), a very friendly farmer who is more than willing to open his land to the public. He installed a money box, so let's reward his hospitality.

Robbert still expects a message linked to this beautiful 'formation'. Once this is realized, this article will of course be updated.