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Good Friday message and appearances on photo

Good Friday message and appearances on photo

On the night of April 3-4 Robbert felt, as always around Good Friday, how the Divine entered the space, filling the room with a sacred presence. He also felt the energy of Christ. Robbert immediately felt encouraged to take photos.

In the first picture a snake appeared, in the second, a snake with a robin on its head. Then a lion appeared, followed by a lion with a lamb at its side. After that a wonderful cross of light appeared on photo.


Right away Robbert received the message that it means God is getting more room to manifest itself in the world. This will lead, for example, to quite wondrous things involving animals that will occur. Animals normally considered each other's enemy can spontaneously be each other's friend. This is, incidentally, already happening today in one place or another. As the inner nature of man changes and becomes calmer, wild animals too will eventually become calmer, as well as the weather in certain areas, with regards to tornado's and similar phenomena. The energy, then, also has its effect on the climate system.

Animals mirror people and are often pure feeling, they also discharge to the assistance of humans as well as the environment. Robbert was told that man can have profound, equality-based encounters  with animals, so that a fairer society can arise. That way God will get more room to better prepare people for the eternal life that follows death - the paradise-like reality, where the lions will play with the lambs.

By concentrating on these photos it is possible that you as a human being will become positively encoded, as a result of which you will have wonderful and extraordinary encounters with animals in the coming period.

For example, birds that suddenly get extremely close, or come into your house, or spontaneously rest on your shoulder (wild birds). The divine power, then, for a moment breaks through the separation - this reflects a new movement in terms of evolution. Only people able to handle such an event will experience it. It is strongly connected with the world of the nature spirits, devas and angels.

The cross of light symbolizes the fact that only the divine and our heart are capable of really teaching us things, of connecting us, and serve as the road to truth.

In addition, Robbert got through that people should try to let go of judging, and to give each other a chance, and to embrace evil with love. This time of year, spring, is a fertile period, an opportune time to make new decisions and to open yourself to the light. Many nature spirits are active gifting new fresh energy around spring.

Robbert wishes you a happy and inspiring Easter and wishes that you may open yourself anew to the bloom of life. 


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