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Rules when visiting Cropcircles

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the 'rules' that are associated with entering a crop circle formation. This to avoid potential irritation from the owners of the fields.
  • First we need to respect the crop and the land before setting foot on the field.
  • Avoid any damage to the crop and the land.
  • Please leave no waste, cigarette butts or other things behind.
  • Walk when possible in tractor tracks and inside the formation. Do not make new tracks.
  • Keep the formation intact. More people will want to see it as such.
  • Sometimes a farmer places an offertory box for a voluntary contribution. Please consider a donation.

3rd Formation 2015


Already for a few days, Robbert experienced the well-known troubled feeling and knew that something special was about to happen again soon. On the night of May 18 to 19 this feeling became very strong. At the same time he suddenly knew that it wouldn't be about one formation alone, but several. Very clearly the name A-B road was communicated to him, but simultaneously he had a vision of Seppe Airport as well.

Fortunately, Roy was with him and Robbert felt they had to go to the A-B road first. With his mind's eye he saw the field before him where already in 2011 several circles had appeared also. Arrived at the site, which is formally owned by the Forestry Commission, they stood at the edge and looked across the field. Suddenly they saw a flash above the field and Robbert knew that a circle was being formed that moment.

A little farther into the field there now seemed to hang a kind of misty cloud and Robbert and Roy walked in that direction. They had to pay attention on how to proceed because they knew there were ditches in the field. Arrived at the spot they found a relatively small formation, consisting of a single circle with a ring of about the same size attached to it. Despite the size, Robbert clearly felt the immense presence of God at this formation.

They only stayed for a brief moment. After all, Robbert knew that it wasn't done yet, that evening, so they now headed for Seppe (Bosschenhoofd). And again Robbert knew which field was involved. It already caught his attention a few days ago and he just knew they had to go there. It concerned a grass field situated just outside the grounds of Seppe Airport, in line with the runway.

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Note: As told, this plot is owned by the Forestry Commission. Officially one should stay on the trails. Entering this field, therefore, is at your own risk.