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Throughout his life, Robbert has observed an enormous amount of crop circles. It is intended that on this page, all formations will be archived for more insight into these formations. Below you will now find the complete list from 2007 on. You can view the observations both through the map as well as the alphabetical overview that is listed below. In addition, there is also the option via the menu below to choose a selection per year.
9th Formation 2014

9th Formation 2014

Observed on: 13 June 2014

On the evening of June 12, around eleven o'clock, Robbert and Roy visited the 8th formation near Standdaarbuiten. It was a lovely quiet night without a breath of wind and the moon was nearly full. After standing there for a little while Robbert very strongly felt that something or someone was trying to make contact with him. When he focused on it, it didn't take long before he telepathically received the place name Oud-Gastel. In a vision he also saw a street sign saying: 'Lange Dreef'. He was sure that something was either about to take place there - or already had taken place. When they left the field of the 8th formation, Roy asked whether it was about a new formation again. Robbert then answered affirmative and said that it would probably concern one large circle, accompanied by some small satellites. Despite the fact that it, once again, happened to be on a new location, they found the field in question pretty quickly, also because Robbert let himself be guided by his inner senses. The full moon provided enough light and made for the circle to be clearly visible from the road. As they walked via the sprayer tracks into the field they also saw the three small satellites, just as Robbert had said. To get to the big circle they had to take a short walk through the crop (which turned out to be wheat). This time Roy brought his camera and immediately took some pictures of the formation with the full moon in the background. Once inside the circle, they discovered that the outer edge ran in a different direction than the inner part. We have seen this before, namely with the 4th formation of this year.

Roy went back the following morning to do measurements and take additional photos. Unfortunately, we have not yet succeeded in tracing the land owner - we are working on that. This means, however, that we do not know if the field will be opened to the public. When we do it will be notified on facebook.

The large circle has a diameter of 13.2m (43ft). The small satellites vary between 2 and 2.6m (6.5 – 8.6ft).

Should Robbert receive a message related to this formation we will post it here in the crop circle archive.


Update July 14:

Today there has been contact with the land owner. He is still considering whether or not to open the field for people to visit. Until that time, the land remains officially closed to the public.

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8th Formation 2014

8th Formation 2014

Observed on: 04 June 2014

In the evening of Tuesday, June 3, Robbert and Roy were on their way home from a meeting in Nijmegen. At some point, Robbert announced having a very restless feeling inside, which to him was a clear indication that something was about to happen that night (a week earlier he had said that a formation would probably originate soon). When they were almost home Robbert knew that they had to drive towards Standdaarbuiten. With his 'mind's eye' he also saw how the formation would look: he saw five circles that ran from large to small with in addition a ring around the first circle. Eventually, they stopped at a plot with young wheat. According to Robbert there had never been a formation on this field before. They had just stepped out of the car when they saw a ball of light, which came from their direction, shooting over the field. Yet, other than that they could see nothing out of the ordinary, so they decided to walk into the field into the direction where the ball of light was heading. Suddenly Robbert stopped and said that he could perceive a very high electric field. Roy too felt an enormous 'restlessness' in his body. Robbert said it really had to be at this location.... The moment he had spoken these words they saw an enormous flash of light just above the field. Immediately after that they heard a kind of electrostatic crackling before them in the grain. Just as quickly as all of this occurred, now lay before them, less than 7ft away, a crop circle formation. As they approached the formation, they still could hear a faint crackling and Robbert also observed small flashes of light amidst the wheat. Inside the formation the energy was clearly palpable.

There were indeed 5 circles, laying one after the other in a curve. The grain wasn't flattened completely: some stems were still almost upright. The largest circle had an additional ring around it, just as Robbert described it in advance.

The formation has a total length of about 41m (135ft). The largest circle has a diameter of more than 14m (46ft) and the smallest 3.4m (11ft).

Robbert has received a message that is associated with this formation:

The energy starts from the small circle and runs up to the largest circle. This symbolizes the connecting of all planets within our Galaxy, which actually was the message of the previous two formations - the cross-formation and the large formation with the ring – as well: all planets within our Galaxy will be connected with one another. The message of this formation is that all planets within our Galaxy that contain life will be connected in a direct line, so that it will become more of a unitary community. There will be more contact with one another and greater awareness will emerge which means that we will be prepared on a psychological, spiritual and technological level to go outside our solar system to contact other life forms. But this can only be achieved through 'consciousness-jumps', in other words: going from a limited awareness to an expanded awareness in  steps. This too, actually, is symbolized by the circles via their ever increasing size: it starts off small, grows bigger and bigger, to finally become detached together from planetary life in the hereafter, through the time tunnel, to the land of God, so to speak, which stands above all star systems and Galaxies. This is where it all has to go, but first we have to become a planetary intergalactic family. So, contacts will increase which also means that you can get into an exchange with the extraterrestrials, but that's only possible from the heart. If scientist also are willing to approach this subject from the heart, with decency, they will do more discoveries and find other inhabited planets and signals from outer space much sooner. That is basically what the message implies: the formation symbolizes a kind of stairway that goes up to eternity. But we will have to experience this eternity within this temporary universe - this physical universe – and from there all together we will grow towards a larger awareness. Step by step we are going through a transformation. This transformation was already announced via the ring-circle: all planets within the Galaxy will be connected because of which more things become possible, as the laws of nature on earth will change as well. Scientists will discover an increasing amount of possibilities they've never considered feasible before (including supernatural things).

This formation is an announcement that we are on our way. We are going another step upwards, more things will happen....

Robbert wishes you lots of inspiration. 


There has been contact with the farmer who decided to place a money box so people can donate when they want to visit the formation. If we all give generously (eg € 5 p/p) it might also motivate other farmers to open their land to the public on future occasions.

The formation is laying in a field which can be found along the road: Langeweg-Zuid (No.6), Standdaarbuiten.  This road runs parallel to the A17. The field is located exactly off a traffic sign  saying 'intersection Noordhoek, 1200m' (see last photo).

We warmly thank the farmer for his cooperation.

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7th Formation 2014

7th Formation 2014

Observed on: 20 May 2014

On the night of May 19-20 Robbert got a vision of a bright cross – a cross-formation formed by light. He then [telepathically] received a street name and consequently knew where the formation would be located, which appeared to be near Roosendaal. He went there with Roy and on arrival they found this beautiful formation. The effect of this circle is initiating, and even by looking at the photos, people may achieve higher levels [of perception].

The owner of the land is currently on vacation. This, according to the neighbor who promised to make an attempt to contact the farmer. As soon as it is clear whether or not the land will be open to the public, we'll let you know immediately. 

Below, the message Robbert received associated with this formation

The holiness of God is going to connect our and other solar systems with one another. This can only be achieved through the origin - through the love of God we are all equal and capable of communicating with one another without seeing extraterrestrials as strange, but as one of us instead, because they are formed from the same light. The cross actually represents the connection. The circles that sit at the ends symbolize the solar systems - the other worlds with which contact can be made. But this really only can happen from the holiness, from the blessing of God. God actually IS the cross - the cross of light that connects us to other solar systems. Through the love of God, you   are also continuously protected and certain to meet goodness, changes on earth will become possible and the time of contact with extraterrestrial life forms will arrive much sooner. If you go to other planets from a principle of goodness, in other words, letting yourself be guided by God and not by greed or bad intentions, then God - the cross, which for us on this planet represents a sacred symbol - will carry us and be the foundation for contact with the other solar systems.

Robbert wishes you lots of inspiration.


Update May 22

Today, we have contacted the landowner ourselves. Unfortunately, he indicated not to cooperate any further with regard to the crop circle formation – he does not wish to see people on his land. As soon as the weather allows it, so he said, the grass will be cut quickly.

However, we have managed to take some additional photos of the formation as it is present today. As can be seen - on the last couple of photos - the formation has suffered considerably from the heavy rains of the past few days.

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6th Formation 2014

6th Formation 2014

Observed on: 08 May 2014

Already since a number of days, Robbert had the feeling that something was about to happen. On the evening of Wednesday May 7 (his birthday) he was sitting on the couch at home with a friend. Suddenly he had to think of an event that had happened to him in 2006.

Back then, he was riding his scooter on the Strijpenseweg [road], somewhere between Prinsenbeek and Zevenbergen. At one point he felt as if he was being followed - like something was watching him. When he looked up, he saw a peculiar spacecraft (UFO). He became very enthusiastic and stopped to place his moped at the side of the road. To his sheer amazement, the vehicle turned with a downward movement to silently land approximately 75 meters (246ft) away in a pasture across the road. Shortly thereafter a kind of hatch opened at the underside of the vehicle. Subsequently he saw how a huge figure (it might have been as tall as 4 meter/13ft) emerged from the ship into the open. One thing Robbert clearly remembered was the fact that the being had a large eye centered on its forehead. It also appeared to be coming his way. This startled Robbert, although it felt peaceful. Still, he decided to take his moped and to go home, because he found it just a little bit too exciting....

It was exactly this field which now drew Robbert's attention. All of a sudden he just knew for certain that something was about to happen, something big. In a vision he saw a very large ring with a large circle in its center. Shortly thereafter Robbert and his friend drove towards the relevant plot. Previously, in 2011, a formation already had emerged there.

On arrival they could not see the circle immediately. It appeared to be situated a little farther into the field. First they came across a huge ring. It is the largest and widest ring to date, with respect to the phenomenon as it occurs around Robbert. After a few more meters they stood inside a large circle, the center of which seemed to have the shape of some kind of nest. The grass was, as it where, combed inwards with at the center a small circle. This same manner of how the grass was laid down was also reflected in the outer ring (see photos).

The formation has a diameter of no less that 51 meter (167ft)!

As Robbert was standing inside the formation, he saw flashes of light just above the ground. He   could sense immediately that it emitted a somewhat heavy energy, although certainly of a healing kind. Robbert describes it as 'renovating'. On a deeper level, you become rearranged, as it where. The formation is very cosmic and Robbert could sense a presence as well, which instantly brought the Ummo-beings to his mind. (Robbert has already been in contact with these beings more often)

Below you can read the message Robbert received associated with this extraordinary formation.

I got to see our galaxy as a spinning disc. I suddenly felt and knew just how much life our own galaxy contains. I saw how our solar system is located in one arm of the spiral as a small light. All of a sudden, I felt the common soul of our galaxy.

I then saw millions of lights lighting up in the galaxy. I was told that this meant to indicate the existence of life at all those places, like societies etc. The collective consciousness of all inhabited planets formed a huge robust force that went right to the center of our galaxy. Upward as well as downward it formed a huge fountain of beautiful colors. As such, it formed an expression of the collective consciousness of our galaxy. The consciousness created a beautiful song. It sounded like a choir of angels and I couldn't hear what was being sung but it sounded so beautiful. I knew it was an expression of a kind of ode to God and a celebration of the fact that we exist together on millions of planets, all on our way to eternity. It felt like a kind of primeval orgasm. The fountains seemed to express a kind of  family coat of arms or a signature from all of us combined – just for a moment connected without aggression or envy, journeying together. God recognized itself again and all inhabitants in our galaxy recognized themselves in God again. It was a beautiful primeval reflection.

All of a sudden, I saw, once again, the formation before me: the large circle in the center where near its mid-point the grass stems are drawn towards the heart of the circle – the swirling circle at its core. Then the image of our galaxy was shown to me again. Here, everything was drawn towards the mother-heart of the system as well. It symbolizes the 'space process' which we are now part of in this galaxy. We will be going one step further. God wants to unite us with our fellow residents of this system. The right to have contact with our fellow residents will increase. More information will become known. The in straight lines inward steering of the grass symbolizes the fact that God can only be understood through the heart - through feeling and intuition, and that this would also be the right attitude to get used to other civilizations from outer space.

The outer ring stands for liberation. Near the outer edge the grass is laid down in an outward pointing manner. This means to symbolize the expanse of the - for most people as of yet - unknown terrain [that lies ahead of us] which we - as the formation as a whole indicates - will face together with God, through the core, through the heart, through feeling.

Visiting the formation or looking at pictures of the formation can bring people to higher levels [of perception] Either way, watching the circle encodes immediately. It ensures that man will escape the illusion of ages, years, months, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds and increasingly will experience Eternity, Reality and Authenticity.


Once again, the formation lies on land owned by the Forestry Commission (it's a nature reserve). It is not yet clear whether the field will be open to the public. We will keep you updated....

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5th Formation 2014

5th Formation 2014

Observed on: 24 April 2014

After the appearances of Good Friday and the Easter message on April 19, Robbert already had the feeling that things weren't quite done yet. He had a strong sense of an additional event about to happen that would relate to the Easter message.

This feeling became very strong on the night of Tuesday, April 22. He wasn't alone at that time, for Roy (a good friend) had come on a visit. Robbert asked him to drive them both to a specific location somewhere in the fields of Hoeven, because his intuition told him that something was about to take place there in the shape of a new formation. He even had a vision of how the formation would look. Before they left, he picked up a piece of paper on which he drew a circle with a (Christ-) cross in the center, made up of smaller circles. (Later that evening he showed the drawing - via Skype - to Nancy Talbott as well). Within less than 30 min. they arrived at the field Robbert had seen in his vision. It turned out to be a fairly large field covered with knee-high grass. Twice they drove alongside the field but couldn't find anything. Robbert felt a slight disappointment and thought he had perhaps made a mistake.

A whole day passed..... until the next evening when he again became overwhelmed by the same uneasy feeling as the day before. This time however the feeling was much more intense. Robbert describes it as probably similar to the feeling a woman must experience when she's on the verge of giving birth to a child - an irreversible process. SOMETHING was about to happen!

That night, however, he was alone and [nowadays] anxious to go out into the fields this late. Although not wanting to bother Roy too much, he still decided to call him and ask him to please come over. Fortunately, Roy did not object at all and within an hour they were both sitting in the car heading towards (again, still) the same field. This time, they didn't have to search for long, because on arrival they could clearly see the indentations in the field. The formation had a strong resemblance to the one Robbert had drawn the previous day. A large ring (with a diameter of over 20m (65ft)) and inside it a cross made up of 9 circles and one wide ring. Attached to this formation were also 3 small satellites in the form of a tail. 

Nice anecdote: the next day Roy went back to take photos of the formation. As he was doing so, a car stopped with a man in it who turned out to be the [state-appointed] overseer of the area around Hoeven. He told Roy about who owned this particular field, but he also had an interesting anecdote to share....; He explained to Roy that he had been driving around these fields for decades, also during the nights! He has known about Robbert van den Broeke and the circles that appear around this area for many years. During his patrols he has never seen people creating a crop circle formation. He therefore had no explanation as to who or what would be making these circles - it is one big mystery to him.

Roy has contacted the farmer who would rather not have people on his land (so he doesn't open his land to the public). Fortunately, he didn't mind aerial photos being taken, but said that we should hurry in doing so, because as soon as the weather would allow it he would be cutting the field, as the grass happens to be pretty tall.

Robbert still expects a message that is connected to this beautiful formation. Should that arrive, it will of course be added on this page.

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4th Formation 2014

4th Formation 2014

Observed on: 09 April 2014

In the afternoon of April 8, just three days after formation No. 3 had formed, Robbert again felt a presence at his home. In the evening, just before midnight, this feeling became very intense and was followed by a vision showing Robbert a field and a street sign displaying 'Koksweg'. He also saw the shape of the formation in his 'mind's eye'. He felt that there would be something special with regard to one of the larger circles, although he wasn't able to tell, at that point, what exactly that would be. Roy, a good friend, happened to be with him and together they drove to the  field in question. The weather was calm with a bright sky and a half moon. When they arrived, they actually could see the formation fairly well as it lay in the field.

It appeared to be composed of 12 circles and one ring. It could be noticed that the grass in the center of the largest circle, which has a diameter of 12m (approx.40ft), was spiraling opposite in relation to the rest of the circle – a very extraordinary sight. The total length of this formation is no less than 42m (approx.138ft)

It is, of course, also remarkable  that it was only three days between this and the previous formation. It could be due to the fact that the previous two formations were not opened to the public by the farmers. This particular formation along the 'Koksweg' has arisen on a field owned by the Forestry Commission and is therefore 'freely' accessible to the public.... (In 2011, a formation arose on this same field as well, the 4th of that year to be exact...)

As soon as Robbert arrived home, he received the following impressions and message:

What I feel regarding this formation is [involvement of] the cosmic world – the world above the astral world. It is [the realm] where we are going after we have left all earthly things behind. It is the world above all star systems. I'm also receiving the information that the formation is very healing with an enormous transformational dynamic. The large circle may cause dizziness, which is due to the high harmonization frequency. Standing inside this circle, people will be able to see further, to literally look further into the mind. This formation is like a mountain top – when you're standing on it you'll be able to see more thus giving you a better oversight. This formation, again, stimulates the ability to perceive, because of which people will suddenly know what to do – or what they shouldn't do. It may be given to them to become aware of the cause behind their illness or physical complaint. It might then at once be solved. There is a lot of purple energy and there are feline helpers, cat-like.  It may be that some people will experience their body as being too small to cope with this immense power that is existent there, because it comes directly from the God-source. God tried to make itself as small as possible so that a formation would emerge in which people can take a warm bath, as it were, without being damaged. In this formation, the fingertips of certain people may turn purple due to the large amount of cosmic energy present - this energy also happens to have a direct influence on the blood.

Robbert again wishes you a lot of inspiration and spiritual experiences inside this formation.    


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3rd Formation 2014

3rd Formation 2014

Observed on: 05 April 2014

On the night of April 4-5 an extraordinary crop circle formation originated in a grass field near Hoeven, again, sensed beforehand by Robbert. On arrival, Robbert noticed a big flash of light above the field. His good friend Roy Boschman who was with him observed this flash of light as well. It is unclear whether the formation was formed at that moment or if it was already there.

What makes this formation so special is the rectangle that is incorporated into it, containing 24 still upright standing grass circles. To our knowledge this is the first rectangle ever observed in a crop circle formation in the Netherlands. The formation furthermore consists of 2 rings and 14 circles. The total length of the formation is 46.5 meters (152ft).

There has been contact with the farmer who leases the land. He indicated to prefer no visitors on the field because the grass was already resold to another farmer to serve as cattle feed – he was afraid that it might become trampled too much. Also, the grass is actually ready to be cut, so it won't be long before this happens.

The message Robbert received - associated with this formation - is that by looking at the images of this formation the senses will become clearer. The sixth sense would be stimulated – but also the physical senses.

It may be that those who suffer from poor vision suddenly will be able to see better by looking at and connecting with this formation.

The square with the holes (upright circles) that is embedded in the formation symbolizes the self- created frame of mind of mankind on earth. The circles represent the holes that have been formed within this mindset. These holes are actually (in a sense) created by force by the divine – the divine is symbolically throwing spears in our frame of mind, so to speak, to draw our attention away from the daily routine so that through the holes we may see some of the actual reality - and because of which eventually the light of God will shine through more and more. As a result, the veils between this reality and the wider reality will become increasingly thinner.

It also predicts that the earth's magnetism will change as well as the collective consciousness of man.

The metaphor with the 'frame of mind with holes in it' is an example that Robbert regularly uses to make things more clear to people.  But during this occasion, as Robbert was tuning in to the designers of this formation, he clearly received the information that they now also had taken this metaphor to be laid down symbolically in the field. It is probable that Robbert already (subconsciously) was inspired by this example, from the light realms, some time ago.

You could see this formation as a kind of ice scraper – the kind of scraper you would use in the morning to scrape the ice off a frozen car window. If you're driving a car with a frozen windowpane, you will not be able to see the traffic signs or where the road is taking you. When the ice is scraped off, you'll be able to observe these traffic signs a lot better - or the direction in which to go. So this formation is actually a kind of ice scraper that will make it more likely for you to pick up the “traffic signs”, in other words, the signals coming from your subconscious mind. This will increase your ability to perceive and will make for the - up until now - unintelligible to become more understandable. This way, the divine will come closer.

Robbert wishes you lots of inspiration and spiritual experiences by looking at this formation. You could also print out the photos to lay your hand on, in order to establish a better connection.   

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Mustard plant-formation (2nd formation 2014)

Mustard plant-formation (2nd formation 2014)

Observed on: 17 March 2014

For several days Robbert experienced some sort of uneasy feeling – the kind of feeling he knows from when there is thunder in the air. During such occasions you sometimes can feel that the air is 'charged'. On Sunday, March 16th, this feeling became very strong. He therefore was certain that something (in the shape of a crop circle) was about to happen. Robbert also felt that, just as with this year's first formation, it would not occur in his near vicinity; his attention was drawn towards the city of Roosendaal, more than anything else. He therefore decided to call his good friend Roy who owns a car that could bring them to the destination quickly. In his mind's eye, Robbert could clearly see a railroad crossing. He also already was able to perceive that there were rings incorporated in the formation, surrounded by smaller circles. At first, he wanted to make a drawing of how the formation probably would look like, but the urge to go outside was just too strong. As they drove off, Robbert clairvoyantly was shown the clear image of a road sign, displaying 'De Stok', and another one with the place name 'Wouw'. Fortunately, this gave some clarity and they knew which way to go.

Once they had taken the right turn, Robbert let himself be guided by 'above'. They found the  crossing from his vision, drove onto the road next to the rail road and, in that manner, stumbled upon the field where the formation had to be present. It appeared not to involve an ordinary (grass) field, but a field with mustard plants mixed with (white) rapeseed, which made for a beautiful sight. Eventually, they found the formation. It was reasonably visible, because of the (almost full) moon. Robbert clearly felt a gentle but tremendous energy. There was almost no wind, with a serene, magical tranquility in the air. The formation consisted of a wide ring, with two meters beyond that a very narrow ring. In between, small circles were situated. 14 to be exact. There was also a circle present in the center of the formation. All in all it mostly resembled a giant flower.

There has been contact with the landowner, who indicated that the field would be plowed within days. This in association with green manure, to ready the land for the next crop. When exactly this will happen depends on the weather. Unfortunately, this means that it won't be safe to visit the land, as the farmer can decide to plow the field at any moment . The exact location will therefore not be revealed.

Robbert feels that looking at the photos of this formation will also connect you with these energies, the vibration of which is comparable with the Bach flower remedies. This formation is furthermore connected with the collective consciousness of the Pleiadian civilization. There are many fairies and nature spirits in and around these circles.  


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 1st formation 2014

1st formation 2014

Observed on: 29 January 2014

On the evening of Wednesday January 29 at approximately 21:15, Robbert suddenly experienced a restless feeling. What he found exceptional about it was that it felt like it was the circle makers who seemed to be in his direct vicinity, trying to make clear to him that something was about to happen again.  That's very unusual for this time of the year as the 'official' crop circle season usually has its beginning a few months later. There have been appearances of formations during the winter months in the past, however, these were formations in snow (see the crop circle archive 2009-2010). Robbert was alone at his home when he experienced this feeling of restlessness, so he decided to call his good friend Roy and asked him to come over. About 30 minutes later Roy arrived. Robbert told him that he had an image in his mind of a formation consisting of 3 circles that went from large to small. He saw it situated in a large field with quite tall grass. This too is unusual, because virtually all fields have very short grass during this time of the year. Roy therefore asked himself aloud where this field could be. Almost immediately Robbert then got an answer to that by the appearance of an image in his mind's eye showing a street sign which said: 'Moerstraatseweg'. Roy knew where this was located and was surprised about this, because it appeared to be nowhere near the area where the formations associated with Robbert usually emerge. They got in the car and made their way towards the location that was indicated. After about 20 minutes they arrived at the street in question. Soon they found the field with the tall grass. They parked the car alongside the road and walked to the edge of the field, but couldn't see anything unusual yet. However, Robbert clearly felt an extraterrestrial presence, he  strongly had to think about the Yahyel (Robbert has had communications with them before, see: “Message from Michael Jackson and the extraterrestrial Yahyel”). He walked into the tall grass and felt that he was mentally guided towards the right spot. After about 30 meters they stood in a formation consisting of 3 circles. The largest circle appeared to have a diameter of 11 meters (36ft), the middle one 7m (22ft) and the smallest one 4m (13ft). The latter was barely visible because the field looked very chaotic.

In case of Robbert receiving a message that is linked to this formation, we will provide an update.


The land has officially been made accessible to the public by the landowner and we'd therefore like to sincerely thank him for that. Remember the 'rules' when entering the field. On the basis of the last two photos you can see where to find the exact spot of this formation. Or instead you can use the following exact coordinates:  51.53296893885306, 4.3439823389053345


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Corn-formation (11th formation) 2013

Corn-formation (11th formation) 2013

Observed on: 03 September 2013

On the night of Monday September 3 to Tuesday September 4, Robbert suddenly got an uneasy feeling and a very clear vision of a UFO-like object with spheres of light underneath. Robbert subsequently saw in his mind circles in a corn field, in the form of a Celtic cross. He then knew right away which field it concerned and asked Roy who was with him at that time whether he would be willing to drive there with him.

Once there, Robbert felt that the UFO was still present in the invisible. It felt very loving, old and wise. As Robbert and Roy were standing next to the corn field, they, of course, could not see from the road that there were circles lying in the field, because full grown corn crop is very high. But Robbert then felt that the intelligences gave him the indication to walk deeper into the field. As careful as possible, without causing any damage, they both did so..

When they walked deeper into the field, they indeed found a formation in the shape of a Celtic cross. Robbert is very grateful for again being allowed to find this.

The owner of the land does not give permission to enter his field. We do of course respect the farmers request.

In addition Robbert got the message that looking at the photos of the corn-formation is very healing and that it gives a positive, transformative, healing coding to the subconscious mind and the energy systems of  people.

Robbert wishes you much love and inspiration when looking at the photos.

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Vorige Blz
Vorige Blz