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Throughout his life, Robbert has observed an enormous amount of crop circles. It is intended that on this page, all formations will be archived for more insight into these formations. Below you will now find the complete list from 2007 on. You can view the observations both through the map as well as the alphabetical overview that is listed below. In addition, there is also the option via the menu below to choose a selection per year.
16th Formation 2012

16th Formation 2012

Observed on: 06 September 2012

During a Skype conversation with Nancy Talbott on the night of September 5 to 6, Robbert suddenly felt that something was about to happen in the fields. He felt the urge to go to the Palingstraat [a street] and ended the conversation with Nancy.

As he was getting ready to leave, he got a vision of the Palingstraat. In the vision he saw a UFO-like lightship hanging above the field from which a kind of laser beams emerged. These laser beams eventually took on the shape of light-rings which then formed several circles in the field.

Robbert went to see Stan, who nowadays lives on his own, so they could go to the field together (Robbert never wants to go alone, because in that case appearance might be against him like he would make the circles himself). On arrival they see a formation consisting of several circles, large and small. At the spot, Robbert feels the presence of several angels.

The following day, Robbert telepathically received a message from the circle makers that accompanied this formation.

Robbert was told that this circle formation will let people more and more feel [experience] eternity, the eternal nature of the spirit. It might be that during the visit of this formation or by watching the photos, through the timeless dimension that is connected to this circle, people may experience the interconnectedness [interrelationship] with all fathers and mothers from their past lives. To feel just for a moment the unity through all lives, the still being connected to each other. They may then know that we are together on our way towards the same light, to eventually detach from the reincarnation cycles. So that we all in the end may play and be happy on God’s eternal meadow of fun and absolute love. It may also be that during the visit to - or watching the photos of - this circle formation, people will have a spontaneous memory about their past life or will recall the specific life ambition that is important to them in this life. This formation will make for people to think less, to just be [to just experience existence] and to realize or know more, whereby God’s plan at some time may succeed.

Robbert wishes you a lot of inspiration at this circle formation.

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15th Formation 2012

15th Formation 2012

Observed on: 26 July 2012

At a quarter to one on the night of July 25 to 26, Robbert got a vision of a field in Standdaarbuiten. He recognized the field, because on this same field, formations also had appeared in 2003 and 2009.

Robbert saw in the vision that a large luminous UFO hung over the field, making a high whistling sound.  He saw how the UFO implemented a kind of  harsh light emission and that thereby the formation was formed at once. He then also saw how the formation looked like and drew it on paper.

After that he went there with Stan. And they indeed found a large formation, just as Robbert had drawn. Robbert felt very strongly that he had to walk inside the circles and doing so, he became immediately emotional. This circle effected him very much, it seemed like a healing process meant especially for him.

At home (after refreshing), there again spontaneously appeared a sign on Robbert’s forehead.

He has not yet received a possible message accompanying this formation. Should this occur, it will of course be published.

The farmer has opened his land to the public and placed a money-box. Let’s not forget him when you visit this formation….It lies along the A17, at the Langeweg North street.

(Exact coordinates: 51.6300823394845, 4.530236006830819)

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13th & 14th Formation 2012

13th & 14th Formation 2012

Observed on: 22 July 2012

At around 02.00 am on the night of July 21 to 22, Robbert (at home) suddenly got an uneasy feeling. He then again got a vision and in that vision he suddenly saw in a flash two more formations coming to light, connected to the formation that had emerged the previous day. Robbert also could describe exactly how the circles looked like as they appeared. Then he went with Stan to that field. Once there however, all they found was the ‘old’ formation, meaning that what Robbert saw in the vision was not present in the field. Something therefore seemed to be wrong and Stan and Robbert walked back from the field to the side of the road. But then suddenly they both experienced severe goose bumps, as if something was about to happen. Not long thereafter, there was suddenly a white/bluish flash visible above the field, this appeared to happen on two places at the same time. They heard the grass crackling, a kind of electric sound (could be because the grass was damp and came in touch with something electric). Immediately they saw that there were two new large formations attached to the old one. This while a minute before, as they walked through the old formation, there was still nothing.

Both Robbert and Stan felt a very loving, comforting energy. What Robbert then immediately telepathically received from ‘above’ was, that this circle is very healthy and good for people and that it is a public circle. This circle is suited to be visited many times.

This time no signs appeared on Robbert’s body.

Robbert later got [telepathically]the following message to this formation:

While visiting this circle formation, people may feel that they arrive home, a warm, welcoming feeling of sweet love, comfort, respect, acceptance and forgiveness. The dimension or the space from which this circle originates, knows you exactly as you are. This applies to anyone who visits the formation.  People may experience in this circle formation, that it is not about what they do, but about who they are. And that there is help for everyone, if in the depths of their being they dare to ask the invisible helpers in the circles. Everyone is welcome there.

The owner of this field has given permission to enter this formation. Do not forget the moneybox out of respect for the farmer. A voluntary donation for the damage to the field.

This time, together with Robbert, Stan has been a witness of the emergence of this formation. He is not alone in this, because researcher Nancy Talbott too, also in the presence of Robbert,  has seen how a formation was created. You can look at the video (link) below, in which she testifies this.


Video footage of this formatio;

For more beautiful pictures of this formation, click , and you’ll get to the website of Janet Ossebaard (


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12th Formation 2012

12th Formation 2012

Observed on: 21 July 2012

Around a quarter past one on the night of July 20 to 21, Robbert got a spontaneous vision. In that vision he saw a large white orb hanging above a field, from which small white orbs emerged. It concerned the field that lies next to the field where the previous formation had arisen. He experienced the vision like he was actually there and he saw how light formed a large formation. As if the formation itself was luminous. The formation consisted (in his vision) of circles and rings. Robbert saw the same symbol as the one that had appeared on his chest - made of light this time - falling to the ground. He knew that during the vision the circle formation actually arose. He felt a deep love and knew that he had to go to the field. So he went there immediately with Stan.

Once there, they indeed found a pretty large formation. As Stan and Robbert got a little closer, they saw two white specters standing in the circle. White transparent/translucent. As they approached, these ‘figures’ slowly became invisible. These two apparitions felt like a welcoming and the formation indeed appeared to be the same as Robbert had seen in his vision. The energy was very strongly present. Then they returned home.

Two hours after they got home, Robbert again experienced a burning sensation on his forehead. Stan then saw a vague character appear [on Robbert’s forehead] that became increasingly evident. Just as Nancy had seen via the webcam, a while back. This time it was a triangle pointing downwards, with a line underneath it. This probably also might be an extraterrestrial symbol, we are still investigating this.

Robbert has never before experienced such stigmatizing on his body, but recently it happened in a row, because this is already the third time. It seems that the phenomenon is building and that it may exhibit itself even more extreme and more directly around Robbert.

Later that day, Robbert telepathically received the following message that corresponds with the formation.

Because of the loving energy, the grass in this circle has made a respectful bow for our dear brothers and sisters in the universe. The cosmic designers of this circle formation have filled this formation with extremely high vibrations. People may notice (when they visit this formation) that they suddenly feel very big or, on the contrary, very small. There is actually a positive contamination taking place during the visit to this circle, so that people will notice (after the visit) that they suddenly have more insight or confidence. This large formation is especially made for people to visit and is both healing for mother earth as well as for the people.

Note: Please, read the rules, i.e. do not walk all around through the field, but only through the circles in the direction that the grass is lying, so that the formation is not destroyed and still remains attractive for other people who wish to visit. Robbert wishes for you to have much inspiration and spiritual experiences in this circle.

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11th Formation 2012

11th Formation 2012

Observed on: 20 July 2012

On the night of June 19 to 20, Robbert suddenly got an image [vision] of the same field as where the previous formation was created.

Robbert again saw an image of a large silver [silvery] ball with a kind of disc around it. From under the silver ball suddenly a very bright flash shot out. Robbert clearly felt that during this experience a circle actually was formed (this is very often the case). All this happened at approximately 01.00 am.

Robbert went directly to the field, and walked through the previous formation that was already there (the 10th formation of this year) to the right side of the field, because he felt an enormous attraction to walk in that direction and also because he had seen this section of the field in his vision. As he arrived, he found a wonderful fresh new formation, consisting of one large circle and two smaller circles, and a kind of unfinished (or section of a) ring. He felt a very loving, gentle, comforting energy. Very soon after he left and returned home, he started feeling a burning and itchy sensation on his forehead. Shortly thereafter his chest also began to burn and itch. Robbert then looked in the mirror and saw that once again a symbol had appeared on his body and forehead. Both on his forehead and chest the same symbol appeared. A sort of triangle which is open at the downside, with a vertical line inside the triangle.

We have since learned that this too is an alien symbol.

The message that accompanies this formation and that Robbert was allowed to [mentally]receive, is that this circle may work as a kind of gateway, to feel a connection with “all that is” in the universe, a “all is one” feeling. As a consequence, one can experience the divine consciousness, the consciousness and world that is above all solar systems and galaxies. The eternal life therefore, where all planet dwellers eventually may go. Each in their own time of course. It may be that certain people who may visit this formation may receive greetings from their beloved deceased relatives or from residents of another planet. Because we are slowly but surely prepared for contact with other inhabitants of the universe. Do not be afraid, everything is good, honest and sincere. Let go of fear. Feel, experience, live and heal.

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10th Formation 2012

10th Formation 2012

Observed on: 16 July 2012

On the night between July 15 to 16, Robbert was on the phone with Nancy [Talbott]as he suddenly got a very restless feeling, an urge to go outside. He finished off the conversation with Nancy and as he walked to the hallway to get his jacket, he received an image of the field near airport Seppe, which lies on the edge of a vegetable garden. In the vision, Robbert saw a large silver luminous ball with a kind of disc around it, a clear UFO-shape, that hung above the field. He immediately knew that the formation was formed at that time. It felt very friendly and serving.

Robbert urged his housemate to come along and together they drove to the field Robbert had seen. On arrival they discovered a large amount of circles. Robbert felt the presence of a strong extraterrestrial team. They felt immensely powerful and it felt like they stand for the preservation and protection of nature on our planet. Robbert did not observe anything with his eyes, the feeling however was very clear. A strong sense of peace was palpable above the circle formation.

Once back home again, Robbert phoned Nancy (via internet) to have a conversation with the webcam enabled. During this conversation (via Skype), Nancy suddenly exclaimed: “Robbert, look on your forehead!”. Nancy saw on her screen a sign appear on Robbert’s forehead. Robbert also saw the image (through his own screen) and he suddenly felt his chest burning on the left side. He went to the bathroom, took off his shirt and looked in the mirror. He saw that a strange mark had appeared on his chest. Stan immediately took pictures.

Robbert later went back sitting at his computer to continue the conversation with Nancy. Then  suddenly it seemed that the computer was taken over, a You Tube video appeared on the screen. It concerned a fragment of a Dutch news broadcast from 1989, of a UFO landing that had occurred in Russia, witnessed by many children as well as adults, all this in between apartment buildings. Robbert decided to carefully watch the video and he saw that the children explained what they had seen. A drawing of the spaceship that was made by one of the children was shown and suddenly Robbert had goose bumps all over his body, because he saw that in the drawing the spaceship contained the same sign as on his chest.

- we have [on this page] the photos of the marks (on Robbert’s forehead and chest) attached to the photos of the circles accompanying this event -

Robbert immediately felt that these beings who made the visit to the park in Russia are the same group that now made these circles and that the sign on his chest acts as a kind of confirmation. This same energy also most probably was responsible for the appearance of the video.

The exact meaning of this symbol is unknown to Robbert, this still has to be discovered.

The message that Robbert received with regard to the formation, is that a false, unrealistic picture is outlined about the alien groups out there, a frightening picture. Certain extraterrestrial groups would like to get closer to people and give them a helping hand. However, this is too threatening to the power-egos of the earth, because aliens are yet still discriminated en masse. Many horrific stories are told about these aliens and science fiction movies are made that are not exactly friendly in that  regard. This image is completely ridiculous and untrue. These extraterrestrials are very close to the angelic world and are like angels who can reify, or rather, materialize. If they really were that bad, they could have overpowered the whole world all at once. This however does not occur and that tells us something about the quality of their dimension. They are close to the creator, or God, and work from that loving originality. Crop circles and unexplained phenomena are signs of this time, to prepare people for a broader knowledge.

You are welcome in the formation, the owner of this land has again given permission to visit the circles. (please consider donating into the donation box)

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9th Formation 2012

9th Formation 2012

Observed on: 04 July 2012

Early in the night of July 3 to 4, Robbert was at home together with Stan and Roy, as all three of them  - at a certain moment -  got a  slightly dizzy feeling in their head. According to Robbert, this indicated the presence of extraterrestrials. It had to do with a circle that soon would be formed.

Roy later went home and because Robbert and Stan were tired, they went to bed. Soon thereafter however, Robbert suddenly got a restless, sleepless feeling, as if he had been drinking coffee (with caffeine). He got up again, and then immediately in his mind’s eye saw in a flash the field near airport Seppe. This is the same field as where earlier this year formations were created.

Robbert got a vision of a large luminous disk, which was surrounded by a wonderful energy (a kind of aura) with all the colors of the rainbow. From this large disc, small luminous discs emerged and flew down to the grass. These formed multiple circles. Then the vision disappeared from his inner eye and Robbert immediately felt prompted to go to the field. He knew that during the vision the circles actually were formed.

Without hesitation, he and Stan went to the field and upon arrival they discovered several circles. There were a lot of them this time, but because of the darkness, Robbert and Stan were unable to count them. In retrospect it turned out to be 38 of them. Robbert tried to make photos and video captures of/within the circles, to see if something special might appear within the pictures or frames, but nothing could be seen.

A day later, Robbert was allowed to telepathically receive the following message at this formation:

“This circle has a strong, feminine, gentle, loving energy. Once people enter this formation, the vibration of these people is immediately increased and the energy-field healed. This circle also has a healing and medicinal effect on both mental and physical complaints. This circle formation represents the female part of the divine. It pulls people away from too much mental activity and brings people back to their hearts [feeling] instead. It is very beneficial for people to meditate on the photos of this formation, just by watching it, an inner peace is created, an inner tranquility, a certain kind of love through which man grows immediately.”

You are welcome to visit this formation, as the owner of the land has given permission to do so. Please note, this time there is a donation box. It namely already happens to be the forth formation  that emerged on his field. So please be so kind to put some money in it as a thank you for officially opening up his land to the public.

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8th Formation 2012

8th Formation 2012

Observed on: 21 June 2012

At half past 2 on the night of Wednesday June 20, Robbert got a vision of a field in Hoeven, whereby he saw a white disc of light that was spinning above the field. He urged his housemate to come along with him and together they drove to the field.

On arrival, they discovered 4 circles, one large one and 3 smaller ones. As Robbert stepped into the circle, he suddenly heard a metallic voice. The voice said: “breath of god”, in English. Inside the larger circle also lay a little bit of white powder (this happened before on previous occasions).

Robbert telepathically received the message at this circle, that there was an alien effect or influence connected through the circle makers. It was/is meant to provide a bridge to extraterrestrial energy, to get us accustomed to extraterrestrials. But above all the message was that these extraterrestrials are worried about the planet earth. They are not allowed to (and therefore cannot) intervene, because we have our own development to make concerning responsibility and awareness, but they will show themselves to multiple individuals who are spiritually open to it.

The majority of humanity will still be afraid of losing power however, and therefore would become anxious or start panicking, which would mean that no inner development would take place.

The next day, Robbert along with some friends (including Stan, Janet Ossebaard and Alex) visited the formation. Both Robbert and Stan (who, affected by the source through Robbert, is also in a spiritual development) saw in their minds [clairvoyant] little purple creatures with a sort of locust head. This experience took place inside the formation.



There has now been a dialog with the owner of the plot, but he was very resolute. He wishes to have no further visitors on his property, which is a shame of course.


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7th Formation 2012

7th Formation 2012

Observed on: 19 June 2012

On the night of Monday, June 18th to Tuesday 19th, at around 01.15 to 01.30 am, Robbert got a very uneasy feeling. It was the same recognizable, restless feeling that he often has, the urge to go outside. At a certain moment, Robbert sat down, closed his eyes and saw very clearly an image appear of the sloping grass plains of the viaduct along the track Roosendaal, located on the A58, exit Bosschenhoofd/Seppe.

In the vision, Robbert saw a large white orb, the size of a car, which seemed to shoot a sort of laser beams at the grass wall. He saw very clearly how the circles were thereby formed. Then the vision disappeared and Robbert immediately wanted to go to that spot. Together with a friend, he did so. Once there, they indeed discovered the exact same circle formation as Robbert had seen in his vision.

Through the grove next to the slope, they managed to climb up without going through the grass (because otherwise tracks of footsteps to the formation would appear). When Robbert entered the first circle, he heard and saw a kind of crackling sparks under his shoes. It sounded electric and he clearly felt goose bumps all over his body, especially on his arms and legs. The friend who was with him had the exact same sensation.

Robbert still awaits the accompanying message to this formation. Once he receives it, it will be published.

(The very same day, Janet Ossebaard of Circular Site visited the formation. Some of her beautiful pictures can be viewed .)

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6th "Formation" 2012

Observed on: 29 May 2012

On Tuesday evening May 29, I went to  visit Robbert, to discuss and arrange certain issues. Stan was also present and the three of us were actually very busy when Robbert suddenly told us about a dream he had the night before.

He said that he actually had planned to go into the fields that evening, but at a certain point suddenly became very tired and decided to stay home and go to sleep instead. He dreamt that he was walking in a field. It concerned a piece of land near the Zwartenberg Mill of Etten-Leur. In his dream, he experienced a restlessness and a strong presence there. Suddenly, a white orb descended from the sky above and started making erratic movements in front of his face and then shot into the ground. Exactly on that spot Robbert saw a small circle.

The next thing he remembered is that he is lying in bed diagonally, still wearing his shoes. Something he never does! He tells us this story and immediately asks whether it could be possible if indeed a circle might have emerged there. There is only one way to find out, so I suggest to go and have a look at the location from his dream.

It must have been a quarter to ten as we left Robbert’s house and dusk already started to fall. On arrival in Etten-Leur (and indeed near the Zwartenberg Mill), Robbert indicates an area of which he thinks roughly could be it. We turn right at some point, on to the Elshoutweg (Elshout-road). This road leads straight into the fields. We drive past a wooden barrier and Robbert recognizes this directly from his dream. We stop and get out. Robbert then walks straight into the field, focused, because he recognizes it again. The vegetation is very varied and in some places three feet high. After  walking approximately 60 ft into the field, Robbert stops and calls out: “Yes, here lies a circle!”

Unbelievable! His dream turned out to be correct, or…..maybe it wasn’t a dream…..? We examined whether there were perhaps more circles, but that wasn’t the case.

It’s a relatively small circle with a diameter of 7.22 ft.

(Account and photos: Roy Boschman)

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