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Throughout his life, Robbert has observed an enormous amount of crop circles. It is intended that on this page, all formations will be archived for more insight into these formations. Below you will now find the complete list from 2007 on. You can view the observations both through the map as well as the alphabetical overview that is listed below. In addition, there is also the option via the menu below to choose a selection per year.
3rd Formation 2007

3rd Formation 2007

Observed on: 25 June 2007

A supplement to the 2nd formation plus a completely new formation.

On the day that the first formation in the wheat field near Bosschenhoofd was discovered, Robbert had another strong ‘vision’. He saw over the corresponding field the Virgin Mary, bathed in a bluish light, ‘standing’ above the formation with her hands wide open, and from her hands, ‘rainbows’ fell on the ground. The air around her seemed to vibrate, similar to what one can observe in the desert. Robbert strongly felt that the energy in the rainbows was intended to help raise human consciousness, and that this increase is very important for the development of men.

In the evening of June 25, around half past ten, Robbert felt a strong urge to go to this formation. He went there with a girl friend. Upon arrival Robbert immediately felt the strong ‘Mary energy’ as mentioned.
It started to rain and they decided to go for a late snack at Mc. Donald’s. After the rain had stopped, they went back to the field at around 23.00 pm. As they walked into the formation, they discovered to their surprise that a fifth circle was added. Exactly like Robbert initially had drawn the formation.
 __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __

A few minutes later, Robbert sees at some 250 ft away a kind of fog hanging above the field and decides to walk in that direction. As he comes closer to the mist-cloud, he again experiences the same ‘Mary energy’. Suddenly he hears a loud crackling sound (similar to dropping cold French fries into hot oil). Robbert is convinced that at that moment a new formation was created, due to earlier similar experiences in the past.

Moments later they indeed find a new formation on the exact spot where the mist hung and the direction of where the sound came from.

The formation consists of 4 circles that lie one behind the other with minimum spacing between them. The largest is about 26 ft in diameter, the other three range from 5 ft to 6.5 ft.

As with the nearby formation, the grain lay counterclockwise in all four circles.


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2nd Formation 2007

2nd Formation 2007

Observed on: 21 June 2007

In the third week of June, Robbert had the strong feeling that very soon a crop circle would arise. During the night between June 20/21, this feeling was so strong that he even could ‘see’ in which field it would happen this time: the field next to the local airport Seppe, near Bosschenhoofd.  Robbert described the feeling he had as ‘ UFO energy’. It was a powerful energy, but above all an especially sweet and healing energy. He even received the notion of how the formation would look like and made a sketch of it.

The next day they indeed found a formation in that field. However, there appeared to be one circle lacking compared to the drawing Robbert had made. This astonished him somewhat, because now, the way he felt it, the formation was unfinished.

There now lay one large circle with a diameter of approx. 20 ft and 3 smaller circles, two of which had a diameter of 5 ft. The third lay against the large one and was Ø 6.5 ft. The crop lay counterclockwise in all four circles, which is somewhat special as in most cases that would be clockwise. There was also a strikingly large amount of curved nodes in the stems of the crop.

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1st Formation 2007

1st Formation 2007

Observed on: 13 March 2007

The First Dutch – and also European – crop circle of 2007 is a fact. On March 13, Robbert van den Broeke discovered three circles in grass. It concerns a large circle and two smaller circles, a pattern that in the past few years has graced the fields of Hoeven for several times now.

For the entire past week, Robbert had the strong sense that “something” was about to happen. On March 12 the feeling became exceptionally strong and he therefore went on his bike into the fields, to see if he could find a new circle. Robbert went to different locations where, in the past, crop circles had appeared, but couldn’t find anything. Slightly disappointed, he returned back home in the late afternoon, but the feeling was still there. That night around 10.30 pm, while he sat on the couch in the living room and being wide awake, Robbert suddenly got a “vision” in which he clearly saw that a new crop circle was formed. In his vision he saw a large UFO hovering over a field about 1500 ft away from his “special field”, where in previous times many abnormal events had occurred. The UFO shot several light balls down toward the field and it were these light balls that created the circle at that time. Robbert told his parents about his vision and drew a diagram of how the new crop circle would look like. Because it had already become pretty dark outside, they decided to wait until the next morning, during which they found the new formation at the “Papenweg”, the location from his vision.

The whole thing lies in grass which has  a height of 1 to 1.3 ft. The large circle has a diameter of 29.5 ft and the 2 smaller circles approx. 5 ft. The small circles lie on the west side of the large circle. In all 3 circles the grass is bend counterclockwise. (Measurements and photos: DCCA)

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