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Vorige Blz

Rules when visiting Cropcircles

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the 'rules' that are associated with entering a crop circle formation. This to avoid potential irritation from the owners of the fields.
  • First we need to respect the crop and the land before setting foot on the field.
  • Avoid any damage to the crop and the land.
  • Please leave no waste, cigarette butts or other things behind.
  • Walk when possible in tractor tracks and inside the formation. Do not make new tracks.
  • Keep the formation intact. More people will want to see it as such.
  • Sometimes a farmer places an offertory box for a voluntary contribution. Please consider a donation.

8th Formation 2015


For a week already Robbert had the feeling that a new formation would appear, once again. In relation to this, his thoughts initially went to the field where earlier this year the Ankh symbol had come into existence. He had the feeling that it wasn't completely done yet. Not in the least because he already had seen the OM (or AUM) symbol before him in his mind, back then.

On the night of July 14 to 15, this feeling became very strong, when suddenly he saw an image in his mind of a large ring made up of numerous circles, as well as, again, an image of the OM symbol. It was then that he knew for certain a new formation was going to emerge and decided to head for the polders [fields]. First he went to the field at the 'Palingstraat' where the Ankh symbol had appeared. Once there, however, his attention was suddenly drawn to a different area.

It must have been shortly after midnight when he arrived at a field where previously no crop circles had emerged, as far as the phenomenon around Robbert is concerned. From the road, nothing could be seen. Robbert let himself be guided by his inner senses and a few minutes later, standing somewhere in the middle of the field, he discovered an enormous ring composed of circles that were all attached to one another. In total, there are as much as 30 circles, with a diameter ranging from 1.5 to 5.5 meter (5 to 18 feet).

Near the ring, the OM symbol appeared to be lying in the field as well.

The following day, pictures were taken and contact was made with the farmer. Sadly, he appeared to be quite unhappy with the situation and wishes to see NO ONE (!) on his property anymore. He made that very clear. As a consequence, this beautiful formation will remain unaccessible for people to visit. This is also the reason for not releasing its location. Luckily we still have the photos and Robbert feels very clearly that just looking at these will have a certain effect on the subconscious mind as well.

Robbert feels that on the night this formation was created, the Ankh-formation was recharged, too. Once again, people may take apples and bottled water to the Ankh. These are then charged, after which apples will become engraved again.

With respect to the formation at hand, Robbert additionally received the information that the OM symbol stands for the first sound that God (or however you wish to name it) brought forth in the universe. The OM symbol also stands for the eternal life that goes above and beyond the physical universe. It is very good to meditate on the photos of this formation.