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Jos Brink (a Dutch celebrity)

Jos Brink (a Dutch celebrity)
Robbert has by now photographed many dozens of deceased people. Some are know, in which case it concerns deceased family members of the relatives who come to Robbert for a reading. During the contact that is created, the deceased comes through with a message and sometimes Robbert may photograph them. Sandra Reemer, a Dutch theater and television personality, had requested a consultation with Robbert. During that consultation, special things occurred.   Below, Sandra gives her own account of this extraordinary experience. Sandra: I first came to Robbert for a reading on April 15 2010. The night before, Robbert texted me: “Bring your camera”. I had no idea why, but did put the camera in my bag. In Hoeven (Robb…
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On April 20, 2009, Roy Boschman (now a good friend of Robbert) and his girlfriend went to Robbert for a reading. During this reading, their feeling was confirmed that there was actually somebody else (a young soul) occasionally present with them. Robbert told them that he didn’t experience this often, but that they really actually did have a third child. This (child-) soul loves to be around with them.   Roy’s girlfriend said, that if they ever had gotten a third child, and it would have been a girl, they would have named her Rose. Robbert did let them know, that this soul (Rose) would show itself one day in the form of a bird. He clearly saw that one day a bird would enter their house. And that they would t…
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