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Appearance and message of Jesus in connection with attacks in the world

Appearance and message of Jesus in connection with attacks in the world

On the night of January 10-11 Robbert felt himself surrounded by the presence of Jesus Christ. In his mind, Robbert saw Jesus before him. This made him very emotional. Robbert also felt the presence of the Angel Gabriel.


Then Robbert was encouraged to take pictures. In these, Jesus appeared.

Robbert actually received the same kind of message as was given by Mary. Through Robbert, Jesus calls for the people not to join in the discrimination towards Muslims. Cartoonists should not misuse the pencil and would do better to stop making offensive/hurtful cartoons and prints about Islam or any other religion. This is willfully hurting people and causing pain. There is really no sense in making these cartoons, there is no need for it and it is unnecessary. It is a way to cause trouble and to create worldwide heat and unrest. Jesus 'told' Robbert that people would do well by listening more closely to one another, and that it is better to restrain from being against Muslims. Most Muslims have a greater innate politeness, and eternal fidelity to God. They live every second with God and pray several times a day. The world should have a better understanding of this, and most Muslims are not fundamentalists and do not want these attacks either. It is merely a certain group that has fundamental principles. It is terrible that attacks are committed in the world (as in Paris), this is not what the Muslims want, nor is it what the Christians want - this is what actually none of us wants. It is good that people come together to protest against attacks, but beware, freedom of speech is practicable but should be done with respect and everyone should be accepted as he or she is. How people experience God is something very personal, it's vigorous, but also vulnerable. Therefore it is advised not to engage in deliberate ridiculing of prophets and saints, because this is insult and very emotional and will unleash only fire and aggression, leaving only more attacks to be committed, with more sad and lonely people as a result. Don't be fooled, dear people, by political leaders who try to convince you that these attacks are the calling card of Islam. These actions are done by certain individuals or groups who are not true representatives of this religion. Have respect for one another and for all religions and all races.  

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