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Message from Carl Sagan, John Mack and extraterrestrials.

Message from Carl Sagan, John Mack and extraterrestrials.

On the night of June 5-6, Robbert got a restless feeling, the same feeling he always has prior to the emergence of a [crop circle] formation. He felt a presence entering the room on a very specific location. It felt partly extraterrestrial, but Robbert was also aware of human presences.


At first it was difficult to identify, but then – via his inner senses - he spontaneously received a name, Carl, and saw an image of a face. It appeared to be Carl Sagan, a well known American astronomer who was also active on TV. He also felt the presence of a certain ‘John’ and saw the face of an expert in the field of UFO-abductions (Robbert had seen him once in a video): it was John Mack. Robbert remained constantly aware of these presences and therefore was certain that it really was them.

Robbert immediately received a message from Carl Sagan.

Carl Sagan communicated that, now that he has passed on, he got a much broader understanding. He said that during the time he was still on earth, he always tried to understand the physical universe and attempted to share his knowledge with the people. And that he, during his life on earth, was occupied with the physical facts only and not religious. But now that he passed on, he has discovered that there is a huge consciousness behind the physical realities. That the spirit apparently is indestructible. He really never ever expected that, the universe apparently is much bigger and much more mysterious and holy than he thought, and what other people were probably thinking also. He is very excited now, because he is now able to cross space and time with his spirit, whereby he can visit other planets in other galaxies and solar systems, where life is present and where societies are present.

He found it very unfortunate when he was about to die, because we live in an interesting era. An era in which we have the possibility to go beyond our solar system. He found it regrettable that he couldn’t experience the discovery of extraterrestrial life anymore. Because he was still very enthusiastic. Now that he has discovered that the spirit – the personality or “I” – exists eternally, he is very excited to have found that he can travel and see things anywhere he likes. He got the deepest respect for “God” or “It” or “the source” or however you want to name it, which keeps exhaling eternal life continuously.

He was an atheist for a reason during his stay on earth, he was destined to stay within the box [to operate from a certain perspective]. [It was intended] to firstly describe the expressions of the mystery, thus the physical reality. Now that he has left his body behind, he goes to the essence – the world that is behind matter and the endless amount of universes and planets that exist. Not everything is allowed to be known on earth, in order for people to remain in a certain kind of reality through which they can learn the lessons on earth wherein the supernatural hardly manifests itself. When, by means of deep crises, people truly become themselves – become authentic, then they are allowed to see further. That is also the reason why you have skeptics and skeptic foundations, a certain area needs to be defined for certain people – and he puts the emphasis on ‘certain’. The divine or God or how you want to name it, often shows itself the moment people go through certain deep experiences or even have to give their lives. Then they become real and get insight, then they become aware of the higher reality. Robbert recognizes his own, already gained insights in this message. The higher reality often wants to be found, and only by authentic means. We are now in an era, where – from the earthly reality and timeline – new, inhabited planets will be discovered. By some earthlings this will be experienced as emotional, as if a new baby is born….finally contact with another planet. It will be a historical moment. Science now literally is standing on a springboard to go into space.

Carl said that perhaps in the future he may give more information, but only if it is approved by the divine law of the universe. Only the information to which people are entitled and which, on this moment in the timeline, belongs to them. “I greet you all, Carl”.

Robbert also received a message from John Mack, a leading researcher [in the field] of UFO abductions. This brave man, who managed to take the UFO phenomenon away from being taboo, died after he was hit by a car. John Mack passed the following message on:

That he now is in a world that is very beautiful and, as far as quality goes, not comparable with earth. He told Robbert that most UFO abductions have to do with a reproduction problem which the Greys (a certain type of extraterrestrials) are having in their world. They had made agreements with people on a soul level, to be allowed to pick them up and extract cells. The problems that played a role in the world of the Greys are now as good as solved. That’s why almost no abductions by the Greys are taking place anymore. Now there are other extraterrestrial races who have the opportunity to establish interaction with certain people or groups on earth, to prepare them for a positive, extraterrestrial contact.

Hand in hand, they are working together to bring planet Earth to a higher level, and to protect the planet against damage, for example by disabling nuclear weapons. All types of UFO’s are now practicing above certain nuclear weapon storage facilities. It concerns a kind of test flights - on a small scale, they disable the weapons here and there, to see what works properly and what doesn’t. So that they eventually, should some crazy people stand up and try to start a nuclear war, can intervene immediately. Nuclear weapons can destroy the entire planet. The nuclear radiation would then eventually also reach into space, which is not good. The extraterrestrials leave us entirely free, but the moment something like that will occur, they will have to intervene and do what they have to do.   

Without causing damage to the human population. Because our blue planet still has chances. Right now John is having a period of rest, so he said, preparing for a new task. This probably also will be related to ‘plan earth’ and cooperation with extraterrestrials. It is possible that he may share more information about that in the future.     

Through the coming years, people will see UFO’s more frequently, which eventually will lead to a global extraterrestrial contact the moment humanity as a whole is really ready for it.

The extraterrestrials who were also present today, guided the (deceased) personalities to Robbert - they supported the message that was given.



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