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Signs and symbols on Robbert

Signs and symbols on Robbert

Never before, there were so many formations as in the crop circle season of 2012, not to speak about their complexity ... But there were more exceptional events. There appeared a kind of ' fire marks ' on Robbert’s body. This he had never experienced in his life before, but last season this happened a number of times in a row. It seems that the phenomenon itself builds up, it is becoming more extreme and it seems to go exhibit directly around Robbert. Below we give an overview of all characters and symbols that have been appeared so far.


It started on July 16th, shortly after the 10th formation had arisen. Once back home again, after the discovery of the crop circle formation, Robbert called around 04: 00. in the early morning to Nancy Talbott (via the internet) for a conversation with the webcam. During this conversation (via Skype), Nancy suddenly exclaimed: “Robbert, look on your forehead!”. Nancy saw on her screen a sign appear on Robbert’s forehead. Robbert also saw the image (through his own screen) and he suddenly felt his chest burning on the left side. He went to the bathroom, took off his shirt and looked in the mirror. He saw that a strange mark had appeared on his chest. (see combination-picture nr. 01)

Robbert later went back sitting at his computer to continue the conversation with Nancy. Then suddenly it seemed that the computer was taken over, a You Tube video appeared on the screen. It concerned a fragment of a Dutch news broadcast from 1989, of a UFO landing that had occurred in Russia, witnessed by many children as well as adults, all this in between apartment buildings. Robbert decided to carefully watch the video and he saw that the children explained what they had seen. A drawing of the spaceship that was made by one of the children was shown and suddenly Robbert had goose bumps all over his body, because he saw that in the drawing the spaceship contained the same sign as on his chest. (picture nr. 02)

Click to view the YouTube video of the Dutch news broadcast from 1989 that appeared on Robbert’s computer.

On July 20th, fore days after this event, formation nr. 11 appeared.
Once back home, after the discovery of this new formation, Robbert started feeling a burning and itchy sensation on his forehead. Shortly thereafter his chest also began to burn and itch. Robbert then looked in the mirror and saw that once again a symbol had appeared on his body and forehead. Both on his forehead and chest the same symbol appeared. A sort of triangle which is open at the bottom, with a vertical line inside the triangle. (see combination-picture nr. 03)
Also this symbol has been found on a UFO that would be crashed down in the Kalahari desert. For a direct link to this story click here, or go to www.edvos.nl.

Only one day later, again a sing appeared on Robbert.
This time it remained limited to one symbol on his forehead. It was a triangle on his head (letter ' V ') with a line underneath. (picture nr. 04) This is likely also an alien symbol, but we have not yet been able to find it. All this happened after the appearance of the 12th formation. The special feature of this formation was, that the same symbol on his chest, which earlier had appeared, now also lay in the grass. (picture nr. 05)

A week went bay, and a particularly beautiful 15th formation was formed in wheat. This circle affected Robbert a lot, it seemed like a healing process meant especially for him.
Once again back home, after freshen up, there again spontaneously a character appeared on Robbert’s forehead. This time it was a circle where a cross in seemed to stand, with below two little oblique, stripes. (picture nr. 06)
A similar symbol we found back on; symbols.com, (nr. 26: 24). It would be a "sun-wheel ', a very old symbol. Eventually we found here also the character, that previously appeared on Robbert’s chest and in the 12th formation. A kind of ' H ' with a vertical stripe in the middle. This symbol would stand for the planet Ummo, coming from another solar system.(see here; symbols.com, (nr. 11: 10)


The -so far- last and beautiful symbol, appeared after Robbert had gotten contact with the deceased Princess Diana. This happened in the night of 1 September. Also he received a message from her. This you can read in the section ' Wonderful events ' (or click here). The symbol was a heart on the forehead of Robbert. (picture nr. 07)
Robbert got through that this symbol stands for the love that Diana wants to reach out to the people.
It’s not strange that they also called her ' Queen of Hearts '.

In the photo gallery we have a page where all photos below are shown separately. Here you can also view the symbols that appeared in 2012 in the fields, because it turned out that it really was the year of Signs and Symbols. Click here to go there.


combination-picture nr. 01
picture nr. 02
combination-picture nr. 03
picture nr. 04
picture nr. 05
picture nr. 06
picture nr. 07
All the symbols of 2012 together that are appeared on Robbert.

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