Signs and Symbols



Apparently it seemed that last year (2012) had the character of ‘signs and symbols’.
This began on April 7th, the day after good Friday.  Robbert clearly experienced the presence of God's love. Robbert made a picture with the self-timer and there appeared nine symbols around him plus a heart with the planet Earth in the middle. (first photo)

Around this special day, for years now, Robbert usually experiencing something special. Most of the time he receives a message that is intended for the whole of humanity.
A comprehensive report of this last time you can read here.

In the fields this year also several characters and/or symbols appeared that were linked to or processed in the formations.
We show them in addition through a picture of the character or symbol, in combination with the diagram of that formation. We then put together one more time all the symbols from the formations.

Another new phenomenon this year, were the signs that appeared on Robbert’s body. This happened often shortly after a formation was formed. There then a sign appeared on his forehead and sometimes even one on his chest. You ‘ll find an extensive report under the heading ' Wonderful Events '. Click here to go there. There you also will find the meaning and/or statement of some of the symbols.

In addition, we first show the original photo, after that the same photo but with more contrast, so the character become more clearly. In the upper left corner, then also you’ll see the character again in white.
At last we show an overview of all these symbols together.

Photo taken one day after good Friday.
April 7th. 2012
The nine religious symbols, with their meanings
3rd formation 2012 (Ankh).
This symbol stands for spiritual eternity.
4th formation 2012 (curl)
5th formation 2012 (cross of Christ )
10th formation 2012 (unknown symbol)
12th formation 2012 (Ummo symbol)
All the symbols from the formations of 2012 together.
Vorige Blz