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Encounter with extraterrestrials and left-behind body parts.

Encounter with extraterrestrials and left-behind body parts.

On the night of June 26-27, not long before Robbert's encounter later that night, he and Roy made a visit to the crop circle formation in Zevenbergen. As they were walking into the formation, Robbert felt a presence, but before he could mention it, Roy told him that he felt they were being watched.


Robbert then saw, in his mind, octopus-like creatures with tentacles. Back home, with Roy already gone home too, Robbert immediately got a restless feeling again. He suddenly got a strong urge to go outside and was drawn to a grass field near Seppe Airport. On arrival, Robbert saw an egg-shaped object, suspended in the air in a horizontal manner. The ship emitted a yellow gold-like light.

Getting closer, Robbert saw that the object was positioned dead center above the field, at a height of approx. 15m (50ft). As he walked into the field,  a kind of light-emitting sphere emerged from the ship and seemed to explode (which was not actually happening). Then, two bodies suddenly came from the sphere, started rotating and landed on the ground. When they came to a standstill Robbert saw two octopus-like creatures standing right before him, just as he had seen them in his mind. This time however he saw them in actual physical form. Their heads were pear- shaped with almond shaped eyes and tentacles were coming from their chest and back. The legs seemed reptilian and looked slippery.

Robbert felt a loving connection. He felt telepathically invited to touch one of them, but frankly found it scary, because, as these beings were coming from another planet, he wasn't too sure about possible bacteria they could be carrying on them. Then, however, he felt that it was alright and that the beings were clean [sterile]. Robbert then carefully touched one of the tentacles.

Then Robbert clearly felt the message that he has a bridging role to perform, to let people get used to a variety of extraterrestrial races, and to prevent discrimination against these races. There was one, actually quite large octopus-being and a smaller one that resembled a child-being, and they smelled like fish. Then Robbert felt that the beings were telling him they had to leave again, and that they would leave something behind for him. Next, a kind of light surrounded the beings and their bodies began rotating very rapidly, like a tornado. Robbert was shocked by this, because one of the beings lost its tentacles in the process, which all landed scattered across the field. For a moment he panicked and asked the beings in his mind: 'Are you alright now, or is something wrong?', because Robbert realized they were dematerializing. Then Robbert was told that the tentacles are left behind as a souvenir and as evidence, and that he need not worry, because the tentacles grow back automatically. This happens almost immediately, their bodies recover faster than most creatures on earth. Thus, these body parts are left behind deliberately. Robbert also felt that the beings experience no pain when they release bodily material.

Then the rotating bodies shot back into the big egg-shaped object, which became instantly very bright to then suddenly disappear into nothing like a TV that is switched off. Robbert looked around and saw tentacles lying everywhere. He remembered having a plastic bag in the trunk of his moped and used that to collect the tentacles. As he didn't know the exact amount of  the material involved, he planned on searching the field for more, but suddenly heard and felt that he collected everything.

Once home again, Robbert spread two garbage bags on the ground on which to lay the tentacles, in order to film and photograph them. The highly penetrating air permeated the living room. Robbert was afraid that the current hot weather conditions would cause the tentacles to decay or perhaps even to dissolve, because it is not known what material exactly they are made of. He decided to put the tentacles in plastic bags (tightly sealed) and to freeze them.

Robbert now wants the tentacles to be studied scientifically on an organic level, especially with respect to DNA, because the DNA from these tentacles probably provides evidence of extraterrestrial life (extraterrestrial DNA). Robbert understands that this event and the remaining material may come as a shock and even may be experienced as unreal by some people. This is why he initially didn't want to bring this out in the open, but he felt that the beings nevertheless want this to be shared and that scientific research (into the DNA) in particular will become very important. Nancy Talbott has already begun to look for an appropriate scientist. 

The tentacles are save now (somewhere other than with Robbert), housed and frozen. Robbert is prepared to show these tentacles on request to people, scientists and journalists.

Below are pictures of the tentacles taken by Robbert on the night of June 26-27. Robbert also made drawings of what the beings looked like, which you can see below as well.

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