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Message related to the 11th formation 2014, appearance of a being and symbol.

Message related to the 11th formation 2014, appearance of a being and symbol.

On the night of July 10-11, Robbert felt a presence that appeared to be related to the message he was about to receive with respect to the latest crop circle (the one with the 8 symbol). All of a sudden he had to strongly think about the beings of (the planet) Iarga and then, with his mind's eye, saw an image of a being that looked slightly similar to an ape.


Suddenly Robbert knew that the being which presence he felt belonged to the family of the Iargas, which is a certain extraterrestrial race. He felt a profound love coming from the being, and that it was present to prepare people for something big. The being made it clear to Robbert that people are becoming increasingly ripe enough for extraterrestrial contact. Robbert felt so much love emanating from this ape-like creature that he just wanted to pet it on its head. This was not possible, of course, as the being was present energetically. In his mind, however, Robbert did it anyway, and, as a response, felt an enormous love coming back to him in return. That moment Robbert again realized how important it is to respect life and to teach and pass this on to people.

The being 'told' Robbert that the collective consciousness of the people on earth now is growing beyond the solar system, creating a larger innate politeness within certain groups, and decency, which from there on will make it possible to have contact with extraterrestrials.

The being then was eager to pass on a message regarding the crop circle with the 8 symbol. It told Robbert that the 8 as a symbol stands for eternity and balance – including the balance between the two hemispheres of the brain, which the being called “lemniscatic thinking” (as we call it here on earth).

Robbert was also told that by visualizing the lemniscate in a horizontal position, you'll get a sense of timelessness and a clear mind, which can be very beneficial, most certainly when one has to make an important decision or wants to start something new in life. It is also good to draw (by using your finger) a lemniscate in the air in front of your face, eight times in a row.

We are now, all together, on the verge of a new beginning, and we are becoming more and more aware of life after death, of spiritual immortality, and we are about to get in touch with extraterrestrial civilizations. This too is why the 8 appeared in the crop circle.

Soon, more signs of extraterrestrial origin will be given through Robbert, to prepare people for contacts from space. In addition, it was suggested that it is beneficial to look at the images of this crop circle with the figure 8, it opens the heart.

Robbert was also told that there is currently a huge 8-shaped object flying in our solar system.

Then Robbert took a number of pictures, with the ape-like creature overlaying his face as a result. Not long after, Robbert felt a burning sensation on his forehead and suddenly saw a light blue flash of light before his eyes. He then went to the bathroom to look in the mirror and saw the 8 symbol appear on his forehead, which he instantly took photos of.

So, Robbert was told about the presence of a huge extraterrestrial spaceship in the shape of an 8 that is currently positioned in our solar system. After he passed this message to Nancy Talbott (via Skype), Nancy said that one hour prior to that she had seen a video of a professional astronomer who had discovered the presence of a large 8-shaped object flying through our solar system. This is the particular video: 


During this same night, Robbert got something else coming through:

When people magnify the photo of Robbert's face with the 8 symbol on his forehead on their computer screen and then place some apples of the Jonagold brand on a dish in front of that screen, there may appear markings on the apples over time.

It is possible that the figure 8 will appear on the apples, or a different symbol. If nothing happens with the apples over time, keep them as long as possible anyway, because it may be that symbols will still appear after some time. However, in many cases, this happens very quickly.


In the video below you can see the images that have appeared (covering Robbert's face), and photos of the symbol on Robbert's forehead.

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