Message related to the 9th formation 2015

Message related to the 9th formation 2015

During a visit to the 9th formation on August the 5th, Robbert received the following message:


Both formations (8th and 9th) are strongly connected with each other through the 'special tree'  that stands on the embankment in between. The tree functions as an antenna to other solar systems with regard to this formation as well.

This circle is mainly connected with the sun, with its cosmic over-soul, and with the moon. In the time coming, a high amount of 'consciousness-codes' will be sent to earth via the moon, which will affect the collective consciousness of the people in a positive way. So it is very good to connect with the moon when you're inside this circle, but also with the sun. It will very much bring together our male and female aspects, with the collective consciousness shifting more towards the female-side, towards intuition, as a consequence.

Through the tree, UFO-like objects are present. Shapes that resemble Merkabas arise from the tree and surround it. When one attempts to connect with these, the tree will also respond and its aura will grow larger. The tree is very happy and grateful towards all people who came to see it. The soul of the tree, and the groups that surround it - as it is a meeting place for multiple forms of consciousness - thank the people for the honor they brought to the tree, and for the recognition. The tree is very happy that it is now being recognized [for its role in the event].

The two formations bring about a re-activation of many ley lines in this area, but also of the ley lines that connect to the pyramids in Egypt, as well as those connected to Stonehenge. There is thus a kind of connection taking place beyond time and space, which has a positive impact on the entire world.

Right now the moon is being used as a kind of transmitter to send new vibrations, new frequencies to Earth. These will directly affect both people and animals, in that the animal kingdom will increasingly mingle with the human kingdom. As a result, people will treat animals more friendly, and different animal species will become more associated with one another (as already was mentioned/came through during this year's Good Friday message).

There is clearly a stargate present in this circle. It may well be that people suddenly see angelic figures, or extraterrestrials. These can have various shapes and sizes. This stargate also acts as a kind of time portal. It may be that people meet with the past, but also with the future. People may meet themselves as they are in a future incarnation. This may sound unusual, but it is really possible. People can have very peculiar experiences in the circle. Seeing yourself the way you are in a past life is possible as well. Once again a strong regression effect therefore, just like this year's 6th formation.

The energy in this formation is very 'golden'. It is a female circle, guarded also by a female personality. There is a strong association with Isis (the goddess), and with Sirius (the star). And also literally with the intelligences that life on a planet near Sirius.

Very old travelers, once called gods by our ancestors, who visited our planet in certain spaceships,  also are present at this formation. Erich von Däniken discussed these visitors in his books.

The circle is profoundly healing and has a beautiful energy. There are many nature spirits present (that mainly come from the bushes farther down the embankment). They co-operate enthusiastically with this process.

Nice anecdote : what many people do not know is that this field, which now holds this crop circle, is the same field where in 1996 Robbert saw a formation come into existence for the first time. He talks about this in his lectures. This proved to be the beginning of a new era, because in the years that followed, there were always dozens of formations in his immediate vicinity. Now we're talking about more than 200 formations that seem to have a direct connection with Robbert.


Extra Notice:
The crop will be harvested about a week from now. The field is located at a (dead end) side street that intersects with the 'Palingstraat' [street name]. By car, the formation can only be reached via the Palingstraat in Hoeven.




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