Jos Brink (a Dutch celebrity)



By now Robbert has photographed dozens of deceased people. Some of them are known, in which case it concerns deceased family members or good friends of the relatives who come to Robbert for a reading. During the contact that then occurs, the deceased communicates a message and sometimes Robbert is allowed to photograph them.

Sandra Reemer, who in the Netherlands is known for her appearance on TV and in the theater, went to Robbert on April 15, 2010, for a reading. In the course of that consultation, Robbert indicated that he felt a presence coming through. That was for him a reason to take pictures. He did this with the camera of Sandra, in her presence. In total there where 53 (!) photos in which Jos Brink, a good friend of Sandra, appeared.

The complete story, told by Sandra Reemer herself, can be read in the “Wonderful events” section.

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This image also seems to be “borrowed”.

Robbert explains: I think the deceased chooses an image with which they identify themselves as far as  their earthly lifetime goes. A photo as they would like to be remembered. But, as in the case of Jos, these images are also sometimes tampered with, like for instance no more hair or with eyes closed (for further explanation about ‘borrowed images’, click here).

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