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Borrowed images

Borrowed images

After the angel picture was shown several times to the public and also to the people of ‘Crop Circle Study Group Netherlands’, Bert Janssen did an extraordinary discovery that led to the expression: “borrowed images”. He received an email one day, from someone who had attached an image next to her name. Bert recognized the image immediately: it was the angel that had appeared earlier in a photo taken by Robbert with the camera of Roy Boschman! (Click here to view them all)

According to quantum physics, there is something like the Quantum field, simply called the Field. Thanks to the books of science journalist Lynne MacTaggert, this concept is very well known. According to quantum physics, the Field contains all information of the universe. In some sources it is called the Akashic Field, Akashic Records or the Hall of Records. The library of the Universe.

Robbert suspects that, as far as many of his anomalous photos are concerned, the principles of the Quantum field are at work. The energy which wants to get through - which wants to make itself visible – chooses a shape from the field that we recognize. A Divine female energy selects the form of an angel. It also could have chosen a Mary image. In other words, it also could have used an image of Mary from the Quantum Field.

The love-frequency of these forms of consciousness is so high that they have since long transcended form. They consist of Light only, Pure Consciousness. But since they cannot make themselves known to us that way (apart from the many orbs that are photographed by many people), they choose a recognizable form. Hence Robbert started using the term “borrowed images”. They are borrowed from the cosmos, the Quantum Field.

A number of such examples can be seen in the photo gallery. (Click here to go there)

As early as 2004, images like these appear in photos taken by Robbert. It is also discussed on the BLT website under the header:


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