8-symbol as engraving in apples after prediction


The 11th formation of 2014, the one that contained the 8-symbol, unfortunately wasn't allowed by the farmer to be visited by the public. Nevertheless, Robbert received a beautiful message that is associated with this formation, during which an 8-symbol appeared on his forehead as well. (to re-read this message, go to the section “Wonderful Events” or click HERE.)

Sometime later, during that same evening, Robbert received yet another (additional) message, which was as follows:


If people magnify the photo of Robbert's face with the 8-symbol on his forehead on their computer screen and then place apples of the Jonagold brand on a plate or in a bowl in front of the screen, characters could appear on the apples over time.

It might be an 8 that appears, or another symbol. If nothing happens with the apples over time, keep them as long as possible anyway, because it may be that eventually symbols or characters will appear on them just the same. However, in many cases, this happens very quickly.


Shortly after, we received many emails from people who had done this, with – sometimes as soon as the following day – the appearance of the 8-symbol as a result. In some cases the engravings  appeared after a few days.

The number of appearances of the 8-symbol turned out to be that much that we have chosen to set up a separate section here in the photo gallery.

To the right, you can admire the photos.

We thank all those who participated.
(submissions are still welcome)

Vorige Blz