6th Formation 2015 (first one in grain!)

6th Formation 2015 (first one in grain!)

This beautiful formation as well was sensed by Robbert several days prior to its appearance. He knew that this time it was going to be a large formation that presumably would fall in grain. Sunday evening (June 14), the feeling became so strong that he decided to ask Roy to come over....


To view the photos of this formation and to read the complete story, go to the cropcircle archive, or click HERE


The land is owned by Mrs De Lint and Albert van Damme. Their company 'Meerenzigt' is also located at the Merenswegje. For them, it is the first time a crop circle has fallen on their property. They are so sweet to open their land to the public.

Be aware that the Merenswegje is a narrow country road. The field in question luckily has a wide driveway where several cars can park. Make sure other (through-) traffic is not affected by parked cars. Once again, give generously (donation box), because it concerns a large formation that did a fair amount of damage to the crop. This way we stimulate other farmers should a formation appear on their land. 



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