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Appearance of Adolf Eichmann

Appearance of Adolf Eichmann

On the night of January 23-24 Robbert felt the presence of Adolf Eichmann. Robbert felt himself surrounded by old energies from the 2nd World War, while clearly seeing before him the face of Adolf Eichmann who was executed in 1962.


Robbert was startled for a moment when he saw this man, because he knew him to be known as a war criminal. Immediately Robbert felt the presence of the divine, and of unbiasedness, and therefore was able to look into this person with love. Robbert felt that Adolf Eichmann really appreciated how he was looked at with much love and without prejudice, being seen by Robbert as a child of God also. Robbert felt that Adolf liked it to be able to feel this love from someone on earth.

Robbert was told that for a long period of time Adolf stayed in a special environment, an atmosphere that was suited for him to slowly come to an insight, to come to himself, from there to come closer to God again and from there to come in harmony and equality with all living beings again. He cried an ocean of tears when he realized how much he had strayed away from his true self, before he then suddenly realized that deep inside he actually was a good and sweet person, which enabled him to 'come home' and regain himself following the confusing reality he helped create on earth and executed in  service of higher authorities.

Robbert got the clear impression that Adolf may soon cross over to the light where he will become  completely refreshed before returning to earth, to reincarnate in Russia where he will become,  in fact, a humanitarian. As much as he did bad during his previous life, as much as he will do good in the future, in his next life, from a mutual energetic understanding between him and the victims related to him. For himself and for the world this represents a total rebuilding on an emotional and energetic level.

After this telepathic contact Robbert again felt he could take pictures, and remarkably (after again having used the blue curtain as background for aesthetic purpose), in these pictures the (probably borrowed) image of Adolf Eichmann's face appeared several times.


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