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Appearance and message of Padre Pio

Appearance and message of Padre Pio

On the night of January 26-27 Robbert felt the loving presence of Saint Padre Pio. Then Robbert immediately felt his forehead burning. He went to the mirror to see a cross 'engraved' on his forehead, as has happened before, and instantly took pictures of it. After that he again took several photos of his face and in these [an image of] Padre Pio appeared (covering Robbert's face).


Robbert was grateful to receive the following message from Padre Pio:

The pictures of the cross and of Padre Pio are encoded with a very effective healing energy. Padre Pio explained that the photos have an impact similar to a blessed sacrament. Padre Pio also warns of the immorality that is fiercely going round the world. If people really want God to come into their lives and really ask for this from the depths of their being, then it will happen.

Padre Pio also suggested people take an amethyst in their right hand and a rosary in their left while looking at the photos, that way a soul-cleansing can take place or a redemption from evil (negative energy).

Lastly Padre Pio conveyed that nobody can do without God and that we will all eventually enter its world. Padre Pio endured a lot of hardship during his life, because he was strongly connected with the suffering of Christ. Eventually for him this resulted in the stigmata, meaning the same wounds Christ suffered at the cross.

In addition Robbert also felt the presence of Saint Francis. Padre Pio and Saint Francis have in common that they both were mysteriously submitted to the same wounds Christ endured on the cross. Both mentally and physically, they suffered. Their life was a real sacrifice.

Robbert was told that both saints will assist him in his mission as well.



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