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Appearance Eisenhower and message concerning extraterrestrials

Appearance Eisenhower and message concerning extraterrestrials

On the night of November 1-2, Robbert felt a presence and got the name 'Eisenhower' in his head. Robbert felt his loving presence, and that Eisenhower wanted to share a message. Eisenhower was once president of the United States.

Robbert felt the urge to take photos, and when reviewing he saw a fog-like substance slowly build itself up to an image of Eisenhower.


The message Robbert received from him was that Eisenhower wants to make it clear that humanity should seriously prepare itself for contact with extraterrestrials and their incomprehensible technological achievements. Eisenhower explained that life exists on many planets, some of which are inhabited by a highly developed super civilization. As an example Eisenhower told Robbert about something that was recently covered in the media: the star KIC 8462852 and the strange objects that were observed thereat. Eisenhower explained that the objects that are seen by astronomers are artificial objects. These are objects from a highly advanced super civilization – enormous structures built around the star and the planets, that are capable of harnessing all usable energy from that sun. The collective over-soul of the people on earth has now decided to be more and more ready for extraterrestrial contact. The bizarre discovery of KIC 8462852 is part of the divine plan to let us slowly get used to the idea of life outside our own solar system, just as the tentacles Robbert recently was allowed to receive, the DNA of which is going to be examined. These are all tangible signs of extraterrestrial life. In the time coming, according to Eisenhower, more and more will become known about extraterrestrial life. The civilization around the star KIC 8462852 can also communicate with other planets, and within their own solar system, (at least) two planets are inhabited that also have mutual contact and helped each other build up the large artificial center near the star. Robbert saw that these beings are bluish and larger than humans.

See:  about the recent discovery of the artificial objects.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwight_D._Eisenhower about Mr. Eisenhower.

Humanity needs to grow up quickly, because now we are really going to have an increase in  extraterrestrial contact and because of that we will be able to become one large space-family, thereby making progress on an evolutionary level.

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