UFO's 2009 (part 2)



All photos shown here are taken with the camera of Nancy Talbott. She is by now a recognized crop circle researcher from America, and has done more than 12 years of scientific research into Robbert. She also once has witnessed the emergence of a circle formation, together with Robbert. Unsolved Mysteries did a reconstruction on this, you can see that episode in the section: In the media.

During the crop circle season of 2009, Nancy visited Robbert, resulting in about 90 photos showing a diversity of various UFO appearances.

Most of these pictures Robbert took in the first formation that lay in Standdaarbuiten. A report about this can be found on Nancy’s own website:, UFO photos Part 4.

On the last night that Nancy was in the Netherlands, Robbert managed to take an additional 9 extraordinary photos. This happened in the (by then harvested) 5th formation in Zevenbergen.

A few times, a big heart appeared in the photos and if you look closely, you can see a UFO in the last 4 of those. The message here speaks for itself: We come in the name of Love.

For those people that can accept that the events surrounding Robbert are real, he would like to bring forward something (which he believes from his heart) that is of great importance to all of us:

-That people are in a “sleeping state” and that they (we) determine their (our) own reality-

Our understanding of reality does not match with reality as it is and only pulls us down. It is time for us to “grow up” and start living the “real” life. It is time to use the power of love as a main ingredient in our lives.

Photo nr.1 of 6
Aug.8 2009, Zevenbergen.
Photo nr.2 of 6
Aug.8 2009, Zevenbergen.
Photo nr.3 of 6
Aug.8 2009, Zevenbergen.
Photo nr.4 of 6
Aug.8 2009, Zevenbergen.
Photo nr.5 of 6
Aug.8 2009, Zevenbergen.
First photo of a series of almost 70 !
Aug. 3 2009, Standdaarbuiten.

Aug. 3 2009, Standdaarbuiten.

Aug. 3 2009, Standdaarbuiten.
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