Sopje [soapy water]



Sopje - a special name for a special cat - who Robbert met through a good friend of his. The first time Robbert saw Sopje, she directly made her way straight into his heart. He therefore was very sad when he learned that Sopje had died. This happened on February 1, 2011.

As you can read in the article (with photos) about Franciscus of Assisi, animals have the same strong emotional consciousness as people and should be treated and respected accordingly.

This was also evident from the fact that four days after Sopje had died, Robbert suddenly reminded her very strongly. He was at that moment in his bedroom and felt her presence very clearly. This was the motive for him to take his camera and start photographing. The result you can see here.

In the last two pictures you can see how Sopje looked like in reality. There you will discover that Sopje (as seen in the first series of photos) was not completely white, but had a lot of spots. One explanation for this is, that in the ‘other world’ you take the ‘form’ that suits you best. In this case Sopje chose a beautiful white coat.

A �??shiny�?? white Sopje.
A �??shiny�?? white Sopje. 02
A �??shiny�?? white Sopje. 03
A �??shiny�?? white Sopje. 04
A �??shiny�?? white Sopje. 05
The head of Sopje close by.
Original (a bit dark)
The head of Sopje close by.
Same image, but with a little contrast added.

In the next few pictures, Sopje seems to make an effort to produce some spots.
Vorige Blz