Photos with Dr.Roll's camera



The highly respected (and perhaps most famous) American parapsychologist Dr. William Roll, unfortunately died last year (Jan. 2012), at the age of 85.

He made a visit together with Nancy Talbott in October 2008 to Robbert van den Broeke. Dr. Roll was in the Netherlands to attend a professional conference at the University of Utrecht. Nancy had arranged a brief visit to Robbert prior to that, because she felt that he definitely had to meet this special boy personally. The visit lasted only two days, enough to convince Roll of Robbert’s authenticity.

All the extraordinary pictures shown in the illustration are taken with the camera of Dr. Roll, who in most cases stood next to Robbert while shooting, and who didn’t leave him alone for one second.

It already started in the late afternoon of the first day, Robbert experienced a UFO-like presence and managed to take some pictures with indeed some sort of UFO in them (given the fact that we already have a lot of UFO photos present on this site, we here have left them out).

In the meantime, after it got dark, a new kind of “light anomaly” appeared, one that Robbert had never photographed before. These are the first special pictures that you can see on this page. The next evening the same kind of abnormalities again appeared in the photos.

There also several times appeared, over the face of Robbert, another face of an, as yet, unknown person (Robbert taught himself to, whenever he feels a presence, point the camera towards himself at times, while taking pictures). These images too can be seen on this page. The first time this happened was on day one, after dinner at Robbert’s home. As many as 24 times this face of an elderly man showed up in the photos. Following this series, Robbert photographed another 15 pictures of a totally different person. The third and last time this happened was the following day at the “special field”. It was still light and Robbert took six pictures to create yet another unknown person. Dr Roll did not recognize any of these persons, despite the fact that they appeared on his camera.

Therefore, if there is somebody who could, when viewing these pictures, identify one or more of these persons, we would greatly appreciate it if you would report this. This can be done via the following email address:

For all the different photo anomalies that Robbert captured with Dr. Roll’s camera, and for a more extensive account on these events, see the following reports on the BLT Research Team website:

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Nancy and Dr. Roll together at the \' special field \'.
The back of Nancy where a blue �??light anomaly�?� seems to shoot by.
Blue and pink �??light anomaly�?�
Pink �??light anomaly�?�
Pink �??light anomaly�?� with Robbert in the background.
Nancy and Dr. Roll looking at the photos Robbert just made.
The first (unknown) person who appeared on photo.
Vorige Blz