John Lennon



In December 2010, William Gazecki made a visit to Robbert. William is a director and filmmaker.  Among other things known for  the documentary film:  Crop Circles: Quest For Truth. For more of his work, look here:

It was in the afternoon of Dec. 12, when Robbert felt a strong presence coming through. They were together at that time at his parent’s home. William took his film camera and walked with Robbert to the corridor, because there the feeling was strongest. William started to film while Robbert began to take pictures. As he does so, he mentally receives the name John and at the same time feels a strong extraterrestrial presence. Robbert examines the pictures he took and discovers all sorts of things in them. This while William is still filming. It appears to be a clear picture of John Lennon that they see, who however changes into an extraterrestrial. This is not as crazy as it sounds once you studied the history of John Lennon. It is said that he once had an encounter with extraterrestrials. If you want to know more about that, then read: The night Aliens Called On John Lennon.

Some of the photographs Robbert took that afternoon are shown on this page.

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