Engraved apples (2014)


As happened last year, Robbert has again received the message that people may bring apples into  the crop circle formations, to have them 'charged'. Engravings might then appear on the apples. The intention is that these apples are eaten, because they have a healing effect on the person in who's vicinity the engraving originated.

We asked people to take photos of these apples. This way others can see that the prediction Robbert made actually comes to pass.

After the 11th formation with the 8 symbol appeared, Robbert knew that apples taken there would display this symbol. This proved to be correct.

Some engraved apples had not been put inside a circle, but in those cases it turned out that there's either a strong connection between the person in question and Robbert, or that there was a strong desire to visit the circles, but no opportunity to do so.

To the right, you can view pictures of apples that we received this year in response to our appeal.

If there are more people who received engraved apples this year in relation to Robbert, let us know or take a picture of it. We then can endeavor to add them here.

Vorige Blz