Engraved apples (2013)


On July 21 (2013) the 5th formation of this year came into existence. Back then, Robbert clearly (telepathically) received the notion that people could bring apples on their visit to this formation, to lay them inside the circles. This way, the apples would be ‘charged’ by captivating, as it were, the crop circle energy. In some cases, as a confirmation, even engravings on the skins of those apples might appear, so it was predicted to Robbert.

During visits to the formations Robbert was told that some people indeed had engraved apples back home, that had lain inside the formations. This caused us to place an appeal on the website, to invite everybody with a similar story to share it with us. We got quite a few reactions, and some photos with accompanying story are shown here.


Anneke de Klerk from Oudenbosch sent us some photos of a total of three apples. She had taken them to the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th crop circle formation. At home, all these figures arose, and that went on for a couple of days (photos 1 to 6).

On July 24, M.P. from Tilburg visited the formations at the Palingstaat in Hoeven. She brought 4 apples with her and these have been lying inside one of the circles for a while. After two weeks she discovered a large engraving on one of the apples. On the other three, some smaller engravings occurred (photos number 7 and 8 show the larger engraving).

The engraved apple on photo No. 9 is from Jacqueline Taalman from Bergen op Zoom. She took this apple twice to the formations at the Palingstraat and the formation along the A17 highway. She has this to say about it: “It looks different than a rotten spot. A rotten spot is getting bigger, these brown spots remain the same size, week after week”.

Linda Martens from Oudenbosch has repeatedly visited the formations and she also responded to the call to bring apples into the circles. On one of those, several wonderful characters appeared. She sent us a video which showed this apple (photos 10 to 12 are still frames from that video).

Curiously, several markings on two apples also appeared with a very good friend of hers, although these two apples had never been anywhere near the formations. Her friend, however, does find these matters all very interesting, but also just a little too exciting. It seems as if ‘they’ want to say: “You need not be afraid”. (photos No. 13 - 15)

Also with Mr. R.K. from Arnhem, engraved apples appeared in his fruit bowl, although he had not been to the circles around Robbert yet. There was definitely interest and intention to do so, but the large travel distance kept him from going time and time again. He himself writes the following about it: “I have eaten one apple and the funny thing is that this apple was not rotten on the inside, but rather gives the feeling that it contains a certain energy. There is one picture in which the apple is intersected, which demonstrates that it is an engraving and no rotting from the inside out, since it is still intact inside”. (photos No. 17 - 20)  

Kore Bousie sent us two pictures of an apple on which she discovered engravings the day before she went to the formations. She discovered the first symbol on August 4 (photo No. 21), and three days later a second symbol appeared (photo No. 22).

Ellen Gomis from Hoeven had an apple lying in her car for quite some time already, to take it to one of the formations in her hometown. She had not gone to them yet, when she discovered on August 15 that this apple had two beautiful engravings (photo No. 23). On August 26 she discovered another carved apple, this time at her home (photo No. 24).

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